• Scalarama 2017 – Spanish Claustrophobia – Edinburgh and Glasgow

    Buñuel and Mercero. Two cult masterpieces of Spanish cinematography. Two claustrophobic horror classics together for just one night. Pretty excited to recover these two gems for a very special night. Constantly looking for new film experiences Cinemaattic have put together Antonio Mercero’s shortfilm La Cabina (The Telephone Box) with Luis Buñuel’s El Ángel

  • What an exciting EIFF 2017 ahead

    Right folks we’re gonna keep this short and sweet for once. Every year EIFF programme is hell of exciting but here are a few reasons why we are jumping in the office today. Amongst our highlights (slightly biased towards Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American favourites) are Demonios tus Ojos by

  • Women in Film. Full video, pictures and facts.

    FULL VIDEO HERE. Panel Debate: Women in Film @Edinburgh College of Art. Event organised by CinemaAttic in the framework of Novo Cinema Galego weekend iN Edinburgh. Iciar Bollain, Lou McLoughlan, Leslie Hills and Beli Martinez discuss visibility of women in film industry. WOMEN IN FILM. Links of Interest We spoke

  • THE OLIVE TREE comes to cinemas in UK and Ireland

    Award winning director Iciar Bollain will present her latest feature The Olive Tree (El Olivo) across UK and Ireland during April 2017.   The Olive Tree, Icíar Bollaín’s inspirational and poignant story of a vibrant, determined young woman on a journey, is released on Friday (17 March 2017) in cinemas

  • Entrevista a Aldemar Matias

    This interview was carried out by Antonio Dyaz for Cinemaattic. The text is in Spanish for the time being but we hope to have it translated into English very soon. Aldemar is a Brazilian director living in Barcelona and as part of our celebrations of the 30th anniversary of the

  • Nestor Almendros

    10 things you didn’t know about Catalan Cinema

    We hate those ‘top ten things you should know about…’ type of posts just as much as you do, but we hate even more the fact that you don’t know Catalans have been pioneers when it comes down to Film. Catalonia, probably for its proximity to France, was at the very front of

  • Gracias Cinemaattic@s

    This year, Cinemaattic worked closer with artists and as a result we offered you personalised video messages from some of our heroes saying Hi Edinburgh! Hola Glasgow! or Kaixo Edinburgh! Check this special short clip that we put together with all their greetings to you cinematic@ Thank you cinemaattic@s! Season

  • #KimuakEdinburgh: Best Sprouts from Basque Country

      Every spring, Basque leader distribution platform KIMUAK selects the best from Basque short film scene to create an annual DVD with the most talented, original and qualified proposals produced within Basque Country. With the support of the Basque Government’s Department of Culture and the Basque Film Archive, the selection

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    We Are Family: CinemaAttic Short Film Show

    Family, is there anything more important in this world? Yes amigos, once again, we aim to talk about love. A very particular type of love: Family We do not choose the family into which we are born. Yet, they have a big influence in our lives! The family circle is a

  • CinemaAttic 13th May: Drag the past out

    Could you imagine that the ghosts of your past knock on your door every time you try to move on and look forward? This is exactly what is going to happen to the protagonists of the stories we have gathered. For our programme in May, CinemaAttic has captured a truly intense

  • CinemaAttic April: You got to hold on

    For April at CCA Cinemaattic has prepared a cocktail of films about relationships with work colleagues, the stories of 10 imprisoned women convicted of different crimes, and our special guest country for this month -PERU- bringing the quechuan flavour to what we expect will be a warm welcoming back. We offer you

  • CinemaAttic: The Great Escape (I just want to get away)

    Spanish & Latin- American Short-film nights. A powerful curated selection of short films all with English subtitles with networking breaks for the enjoyment of both the Ibero-American community and the cinema lovers alike. Every Cinemaattic Night has to be different from the previous one. To this mantra, if last month

  • B the Movie

      Join us on the 8th April at Old St Paul’s Hall from 7pm. For a very special event organised by CinemaAttic that you can’t miss. We will be showing B the movie by David Ilundain With Pedro casablanc and Manolo Solo The movie will be shown with subtitles in English

  • CinemaAttic February: Drag the past out

    Drag the past out. The Shorts that wanted to be in January, but never made it. We recapture a truly intense program digging in how couples cope with unsettled past experiences Spanish & Latin- American Short-film nights. A powerful curated selection of short films all with English subtitles with networking

  • It’s a Family Affair. Weegie CinemaAttic: Spanish & Latin American Shorts

    A powerful curated selection of short films, all with English subtitles, as well as networking breaks for the enjoyment of both the Ibero-American community and cinema lovers alike. CinemaAttic focus this month on the consequences of overlooking. In this second part of the “consequences of overlooking” we focus on Family