• 1st CinemaAttic evening in Glasgow

    A nomad space for films and happenings, NOW in Glasgow! CinemaAttic is the platform for Spanish, Iberian and Latin-American cinema in Scotland. Founded in 2008 in an unmapped loft at the very heart of Scotland’s capital city of Edinburgh, CinemaAttic has produced and organised six different film and arts festivals

  • Cinemaattic in Glasgow: Spanish & Latin-American Short Film Show

    Taking cinemas outside of cinemas, Cinemaattic continues to showcase cult, rare and classic Spanish feature films and powerful Latin-American short film sessions. The short film format is essential to understand Cinemaattic’ success over these years. The short film night social experience a powerful curated selection of short films (all with


    With the festive season fast approaching, we didn’t want to let 2014 go without organising our last special event for the year. Please join us for the special screening of ACCIÓN MUTANTE (Mutant Action), a cult film from 1993 by Spanish award-winning director Álex de la Iglesia. SYNOPSIS: In a

  • CinemaAttic presents Best of the Fest

    It’s time to award the films you chose best of CinemaAttic Festival August, cinemaatticos, and a new (last) chance to watch them! Whether you were out of town or fancying a new approach, this coming Friday 19th of September, in our shelter at Summerhall Edinburgh, you will have the last

  • Cinemaattic presents RAPTURE (ARREBATO) – Scalarama 2014

    We are delighted to present in Edinburgh, as part of the programme of SCALARAMA 2014 (a Celebration of Cinema across the UK every September) Iván Zulueta’s 1980 cult feature film ARREBATO (RAPTURE). Arrebato tells the story of José (Eusebio Poncela), a filmmaker who experiences two life-changing events: firstly his ex,

  • August Festival Shows 2014

    Hey cinemaatticos, In the shelter of our preparations for the August festival vibe we cannot feel but honourably excited. After all, this will be the platform’s 1st participation in the programme of activities that is about to turn the summery Edinburgh into a firmament of arts & happenings. Besides, the

  • July Fantastic Short Film Show

    Hello cinemaatticos, Keeping with our conquering the territory of film nights in Scotland, here it is yet another show of pioneer Spanish shorts. We know well how much you all appreciate the sun this time of the year though there will be few other chances to see this rare and


    Hola cinemaatticos, What really is the inner essence of film watching and audience attending we always wonder. How little we can take control over climatic circumstances or your will to indulge your cinematic senses on a certain evening is something that keeps triggering our device for more and more pioneer

  • May Creatures Session at Woodland

    Hey, hey, May is the month of love; May is the month of the sun; and May is the month for recalling the beautiful sensations from last summer cause summer is now on its way! Our return this month to Woodland Creatures in Leith area is all about caring, loving,

  • Uncanny May Short Film Show

    Hey cinemaatticos, having our studio already undertook another winter season with a fairly decent quote of audience and a consistent bunch of events, CinemaAttic Productions programme for 2014 now enters a crucial stage. Spring is swinging by, the bright May is already with us and the prospects for the summer

  • IberoDocs Short Film Session

    Hey cinemaatticos, We are now back to normal and normal is being magic lately. We want to close and homage IberoDocs, our latest project with Mar Felices, as we believe it deserves since the festival has gone really well! This is somehow a big thanks to anyone that attended and

  • IberoDocs Festival is here

    IberoDocs is the first showcase for Ibero-American culture in Scotland, focused on documentary films by Spanish, Portuguese and Latin- American filmmakers. Produced by CinemaAttic in collaboration with Spanish filmmaker Mar Felices it seeks to open up awareness on Ibero-American culture. Ibero-America refers to a geographic area that includes Latin American countries

  • COUPLING: 2nd short film show Leith Walk 2014

    Hey cinemaatticos, Spring is nearly round the corner, winter is trying to return from the caves but the only thing heating back is CinemaAttic! We are planning another night of films & happenings, this time at the Woodland Creatures in Leith after a fantastic event at Summerhall on March the

  • March Short Film Show

    Hey cinemaatticos, we hope that three weeks of revisiting the films and sensations you approached in our 2014 two first short films shows meant appetite abound for more CinemaAttic. Sorry for the ones that could not reserve their tickets on time please do not let that happen again. After all,

  • Leith: here we go!

    Hey cinemaattics, It seems we all had a fab night on Friday at Summerhall and that cinema was above all the triumphal mate. Funnily enough, we should better start thinking how the good Lord we are going to combine having two lovers…there will be two CinemaAttic events per month from