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cinemaattic 10th anniversary


“Al mal tiempo buena cara”, says the famous Spanish proverb

To celebrate 10 years of CinemaAttic promoting Spanish independent cinema in UK we are happy to announce  CinemAttic Cuarentena | 90 Essential Spanish Short Films of the Last Decade, an online initiative organised by CinemaAttic, Instituto Cervantes, Spain Culture & Science UK and now also with the support of Film Hub Scotland and The National Lottery. CinemaAttic will select and share a Weekly Programme of 7 Spanish short films available with English subtitles online. 7 Shorts every 7 Days. A weekly programme to stay in touch with CinemaAttic and Spanish Cinema over the next weeks.

(23 -29 March) Watch #CinemaAtticCuarentena Week 1 Programme here

(30 March – 5 April) ) Watch #CinemaAtticCuarentena Week 2 Programme here

(5 April – 12 April) ) Watch #CinemaAtticCuarentena Week 3 Programme here

(12 April – 19 April) ) Watch #CinemaAtticCuarentena Week 4 Programme here

(19 April – 26 April) ) Watch #CinemaAtticCuarentena Week 5 Programme here

(26 April – 3 May) ) Watch #CinemaAtticCuarentena Week 6 Programme here

(3 May – 10 May) ) Watch #CinemaAtticCuarentena Week 7 Programme here

(10 May – 17 May) ) Watch #CinemaAtticCuarentena Week 8 Programme here

(18 May – 25 May) ) Watch #CinemaAtticCuarentena Week 9 Programme here

(25 May – 1 June) ) Watch #CinemaAtticCuarentena Week 10 Programme here

(1 June – 7 June) ) Watch #CinemaAtticCuarentena Week 11 Programme here

(7 June – 14 June) ) Watch #CinemaAtticCuarentena Week 12 Programme here

(14 June – 21 June) ) Watch #CinemaAtticCuarentena Week 13 Programme here

A new programme will be announced every Monday on our website and we will create a Facebook event where you can vote for your favourites. This is all about helping during the self-isolation period and keeping a conversation with you -our audience- so do comment, discuss, engage and say what you thought about the programme very week.

We were planning to celebrate our 10th Anniversary with events but the Covid-19 crisis and your demand for good Spanish films to watch during the quarantine have made us change plans a bit. A wave of solidarity is bringing the best of humans as we help each other during these strange weeks of self-isolation. And we want to do our tiny bit.

10th Anniversary

CinemaAttic turns 10 in 2020. 10 years of cinema madness. A tale of passion and stubbornness to promote small beautiful Spanish films in Scotland. Back in 2010 we were the weirdos to whom people would say: “A Spanish short film night? Good luck with that!”. Now not only have we survived but -against all the odds- we have grown and taken CinemaAttic to exotic places like Dundee or Manchester and others not so exotic like Cali or Palmira in Colombia.

So it’s time for us to give back all the love you gave us across these 10 years. We hope those of you facing isolation whether it is voluntary or compulsory find a bit of relief and entertainment in our films.

A Weekly Selection of 7 Shorts. Our Favourite Spanish Shorts of the Last Decade

We have put together a selection with our favourite Spanish Short Films shown in CinemaAttic since 2010. 90 Shorts for the next 90 days. The Best Shorts of the decade. It is also the list with the Shorts that had the strongest impact on Scottish audiences when we showed them back in 2012, 2015 or even last month. Sweet memories!

These are the films we’ve grown up with. The filmmakers that made us fall in love with short films. From audience-pleasers to experimental cinema, from poetic shorts to badass zombie shorts. From beautiful animation to family dramas. Human rights documentaries, video essays, comedy fictions, 2D-animation, stop motion, experimental gems – they’re all here!

We will administer your dose on a weekly basis. Every Monday we will programme a Selection of 7 Short Films and publish it on cinemaattic.com and in a Facebook event where it will last for a week and you will be available to vote, chat comment. It’s up to you whether you want to binge-watch all on Monday or watch one per day.

Every Week a new programme with new Shorts will be announced and shared to keep you enlightened during the Quarantine period. We trust our audience and hope you will combine movie watching with book reading, silence enjoying and time off screens. Most of the Short Films we plan to share are available online on Vimeo or Youtube, sometimes they will require a small purchase on Filmin, Amazon, Vimeo or Netflix (can we all please support filmmakers during this quarantine? We hope we agree on the value of great stories and art!)

Who’s in it?

We won’t announce the full list as we know you are hungry beasts and will devour it all at once. But we can tell you that there are films by some of our favourite classic and modern Spanish filmmakers. The list is long but includes films by Nacho Vigalondo, Daniel Sánchez Arévalo, Álvaro Gago, Begoña Vicario, Asier Altuna, Javier Rebollo, Isabel Herguera, Helena Girón, Samuel M. Delgado, Eduardo Chapero-Jackson, Elena López Riera, Anna Solanas & Marc Riba, Pedro Collantes, Nely Reguera, David Pantaleon, Aldemar Matias, Chema Garcia Ibarra, Alberto Vazquez, Juanjo Giménez, Xavier Marrades, Celia Rico Clavellino, Fernando Pomares, Coke Rioboo, Maider Fernández Iriarte, Maria Elorza, Xacio Baño, Clara Roquet, Los Alenda, Alberto Rodriguez, Laura Ferrès, Colectivo Los Hijos, Elías León Siminiani, Andrés Duque, Eloy Domínguez Serén o Izibene Oñederra.

We’ve been supporting Spanish Short Films for 10 years, did you really think that a virus was going to stop us?

Viva el Cine y Viva la Solidaridad!

Nos vemos online! See you in our weekly online conversation!

CinemAttic Cuarentena | 90 Essential Spanish Short Films of the Last Decade is an initiative organised by CinemaAttic with the support of Instituto Cervantes.

To watch week 1 programme // click here

To watch week 2 programme // click here

To watch week 3 programme // click here

To watch week 4 programme // click here

To watch week 5 programme // click here

To watch week 6 programme // click here

To watch week 7 programme // click here

To watch week 8 programme // click here

To watch week 9 programme // click here

To watch week 10 programme // click here

To watch week 11 programme // click here

To watch week 12 programme // click here

To watch week 13 programme // click here

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