• Final Week Spanish Film Festival!!

    Hi all, thanking you all so much for the two very special nights we had at The Third Door and Alba Flamenca last Friday and Saturday, we are entering now the final week of our Spanish Film Festival. Yeah, you’re still on time to catch something! THURSDAY 1st December, Block

  • Spanish Film Festival weekend

    Hi CinemaAttics, we hope that the break of almost two weeks we had from activities has provoked enough expectation for the remaining to come: we face now the core -and hence the most unmissable section- of the Spanish Film & Arts Festival Edin 2011 and have prepared a double bill

  • Spanish Film & Arts Festival Edin’11: second session.

    Hi all, after a very remarkable night at Inspace last Friday with the opening of the festival, we return this saturday the 12th of November with a new block of newly acclaimed Spanish short films and much more. As for this second session, CinemaAttic have opened a new collaboration with

  • Paper portraits, by Omar Arraez

    Paper portraits, by Omar Arraez

      Omar Arraez’s [1982, Alicante] career can be described as a gradual, ever-finer depiction of the human body, with special attention paid to the human face. Hence, portraits have been his core theme in recent years, with paintings, charcoal drawings and sculptures all deployed as key to his artistic expression.