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  • Propriedade by Daniel Bandeira / Interview by Julio Cavani

    BRASIL: A Slow Film Festival proudly presents Propriedade, a film by Daniel Bandeira, that paints a picture of a society in which the rift between the elitist individualism of the rich and the collective rage of the poor seems insurmountable. The film, which was part of the Panorama section of the

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  • CURSED FLOWERS AND SACRED LEAVES: The Militant Cinema of Marta Rodríguez

    Marta Rodriguez, a true trailblazer in the world of Latin American documentary filmmaking, has cemented herself as a formidable force over her remarkable five-decade career. Committed to shedding light on pressing social issues, Marta Rodríguez uses her lens to amplify the voices of marginalised communities. Her documentaries tackle themes of gender,

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  • Toro: The Artist and His Model Prisoners

    By Brian Beadie Enter Hernando Toro Botero, the remarkable Colombian artist who is the subject of a new documentary by Adriana Bernal-Mor and Ginna Ortega, and an exhibition presented by Cinemaattic, his first in Scotland. Born in 1948 to a working class family, he would develop an interest as a

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