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Carlos Santa

Colombia comes to Scotland! 8-10 February

Cinemaattic and Manipulate Festival celebrates Colombian Art and Animation with the retrospective Carlos Santa & Contemporary Colombian Animation.

Edinburgh and Glasgow will see a weekend long retrospective into contemporary Colombian animation including the presence of the great artist Carlos Santa. Considered the father of artistic animation in Colombia, Santa has been a reference for a whole generation of artists not just in Colombia but the whole of Latin America.

We take Santa’s role as father of avant-garde animation in Colombia to show different techniques and narratives that make of Colombia a leading country in animated films.

Among the line-up of events:

★ FRIDAY | 8th of February 2019 6PM | Exhibition Opening | Carlos Santa: Animation Pioneer | Edinburgh College of Art Animation Department

★ FRIDAY | 8th of February 2019 7.30PM | Colombian Modern Animation Short Film Night | Lauriston Hall Edinburgh & CCA Glasgow

★ SATURDAY | 9th of February 2019 | Focus on Carlos Santa at Manipulate Festival | Traverse Theatre

★ SUNDAY 11am | Edinburgh College of Art Main Lecture Theatre(E22) | Carlos Santa Animation Masterclass + Workshop

★ SUNDAY 6pm | 10th of February | Double Bill. The Mysterious Presages of León ProzakRelatos de Reconciliación

We are keeping some surprises to be announced soon!

Some of the highlights include Short-film selections bringing together the best modern animation made in Colombian (Friday) a focus on Carlos Santa’s films and influences (Saturday); and the Scottish premiere of Relatos de Reconciliacion.

The retrospective offers a range of screenings, talks and activities investigating the influence of the Bogota-born animator in contemporary Colombian animation.

The retrospective also includes works by Ana Caro, Carlos Gomez Salamanca, Laura Castillo, Simon Acosta, María Cristina Pérez / Mauricio Cuervo .

Carlos Santa will take part himself in a 48 hour project with Edinburgh College of Art students.

The Colombian Animation maestro will have a special strand as part of prestigious Visual Theatre festival Manipulate. Cinemaattic and Manipulate pay tribute to Santa’s work with a special programme including his previous short films and the films that have influenced most in his work.
The work we aim to screen is always radical, comes from artists who want to challenge standards, to recreate a world only accessible through a different perception of reality. Carlos Santa is a reference worldwide in this sense. We’ve been waiting to pay this tribute to Carlos Santa for a while and we are thrilled this retrospective is finally taking place” (

Come and watch, be challenged and enjoy these pieces of art.


Carlos Santa is a Colombian animator whose work has been quoted by every major creative mind in his field. A teacher at Calis university and a thinker. His approach to work, time structure and social causes make him one of a kind.

Born in Bogota, Carlos Santa is an artist a painter and a sculptor who has given numerous exhibitions like, Los vecinos del planeta 1991, Anima 1993, El Circo 1998, Imágenes desde la retaguardia 2004, Otros tiempos 2009, Cine por metros amongst many others. Illustrator in diverse media like El Espectador, El Siglo, El Tiempo, La Prensa, Gaceta, Número and Kinetoscopio. Animator with titles including El pasajero de la noche 1990, La selva Oscura 1994, Fragmentos 2000, el largometraje Los extraños presagios de León Prozak 2009. This last title won him an award at the 19th Festival de Cine Experimental en Madrid, where he, a;so, exhibited his cinematic artifacts. The feature Los extraños presagios de León Prozak was awarded best Colombian film at Cali’s film festival. Other titles include Mar de Fondo en el 2011 , Fantasmagoría en 2013, El Jardín de los secretos 2014 y Relatos de Reconciliación 2018, which will premiered in Cinemaattic on the 10th of February.


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