• Spanish & Latin-American animation: Edinburgh Show

    The best thing about magic is that you can always get back to it, it can unwittingly appear where you rarely expect it to be. Animation is a sort of magic of the magics: we all have a child within ourselves, the creative possibilities of the medium have no end

  • Spring Basque Short Film Show

    KIMUAK means ‘sprout’ in Basque. Every spring, Basque leader distribution platform KIMUAK selects the best from Basque short film scene to create an annual DVD with the the most talented, original and qualified proposals produced within Basque Country. With the support of the Basque Government’s Department of Culture and the

  • Short Film Show: Marvin&Wayne session I

    There was a time when Spanish films were all about flamenco dancers and macho bar regulars surrounding the young lolitas and saritas. A time when the cutting-edge attraction was to see how many fried eggs could the film start eat at once. A time when, unlike Fellini’s, the films were

  • Festival Closing Session

    Hey cinemaattics, the festival is now entering its last phase and it brings out the last three chances to catch up with the best of Catalan film industry – including an Academy Award nominated film, a Closing Session with exclusive surprises and cutting-edge cinema, and the finest film of this

  • 2nd week Catalan Film Festival: short films!

    Hey cinemaattics, first week of the festival is now gone and the sensations were pretty good as the attendants showed us. In two days though we are starting the most inventive and freshest events of the festival: the short film sessions! Divided in two complementary blocks, the programme we have

  • 1st Catalan Film Festival Scotland, Nov-Dec 2012

    CinemaAttic, in association with Scotland’s Catalan Centre, is proud to present the 1st Catalan Film Festival to see light in Scotland. This initiative stems from our endeavour to organise pioneering festivals around the UK and it has come into fruition thanks to the interest of Scotland’s Catalan Centre to promote

  • Catalan Film Festival

    Hey all, here we go! Once again CinemaAttic is keen to bring pioneer initiatives as an alternative source of entertainment in UK cities like Edinburgh to which we hope you can respond favourably. This time we are bringing up the best of contemporary Catalan cinema because, merely, we believe the

  • 1st Catalan Films Festival Scotland, Nov-Dec 2012

    CinemaAttic, in collaboration with Scotland’s Catalan Centre presents its first focus season on Catalan cinema in Edinburgh. The festival will be offering, in five different venues throughout Edinburgh, 9 nights of feature films, documentaries, the best of Catalan short films and a conference by an Edinburgh-based Scottish author. Starting on

  • Spanish Short Film Fringe

    Hi CinemaAttic@s, we are so happy to announce a new and promising partnership we have established with a restaurant in town that, apart from having an amazing space for films and happenings, are doing really well in terms of providing excellent service and very fresh food! From this Sunday on,

  • Kimuak and CinemaAttic

    ‘School for film directors. A way station towards feature films. A genre by itself, to which even successful directors return. Short film are all that: small cinematographic works of art reccreating their own worlds. As they are outside the industry and there is no rrom in the commercial circuit for

  • LABCC 100viewpoints

    Segovia is living heritage. It is pure culture to be experienced and visited, to be seen, built and shared. Segovia Inhabited Culture has came out of the hard work and the enthusiasm put forward by the local community in their pursuit to become Segovia2016 European City of Culture. It has

  • Lucio Urtubia Anarchist and Mason 1/9

    Uncovering Lucio Urtubia’s Legacy: The Notorious Forger Who Fought for Freedom Lucio Urtubia, a man who spent most of his life on the wrong side of the law, was not your typical criminal. He was a forger who used his skills to finance revolutionary causes and organizations. Urtubia’s story is

  • Luis Garcia Berlanga

      “In cinema I echoed what it came up. What you find in my films is mostly pessimism though I could cover it up with a comic surface. I pursuit absurd situations out of everyday life, and some of them did genuinely turn up. During the Spanish Civil War, I

  • Final Week Spanish Film Festival!!

    Hi all, thanking you all so much for the two very special nights we had at The Third Door and Alba Flamenca last Friday and Saturday, we are entering now the final week of our Spanish Film Festival. Yeah, you’re still on time to catch something! THURSDAY 1st December, Block

  • Spanish Film Festival weekend

    Hi CinemaAttics, we hope that the break of almost two weeks we had from activities has provoked enough expectation for the remaining to come: we face now the core -and hence the most unmissable section- of the Spanish Film & Arts Festival Edin 2011 and have prepared a double bill