March Short Film Show

Hey cinemaatticos,

we hope that three weeks of revisiting the films and sensations you approached in our 2014 two first short films shows meant appetite abound for more CinemaAttic. Sorry for the ones that could not reserve their tickets on time please do not let that happen again. After all, we are back this time to Summerhall: our fanciful and alluring nest.

Whether on Valentine’s Day we created a bubble where everyone could (and hopefully did) feel loved and lovable, we want to tease out our fears and arcane insecurities this time by looking further forward when programming our selection of films. Roughly, in this third short film show of the year we want to bear the question on whether some outstadingfilms are to be left out the curating process because of their harshness or rather firstly programmed for their innegotiable cinematic quality.

Yes, this is a challenge ladies and gentlemen. We have simply prepared a perilous and luring event into cinema depths. Then that would only and just be a selection of fiction films that will however represent a journey into the variations our soul may encounter when kneeled down in front of a superb (perhaps tough) work. Albeit not all of the films included will steer your guts up don’t you worry….

Once again is ECAM (Cinematography School of the capital and region itself Madrid) the source from wich we will dig out some of the best treasures of Spanish & Latin-American cinema from recent years. We are delighted to continue our partnership with them which will hopefully bring about an exclusive 10th anniversary show soon to celebrate their ten years at the top of this mountain called cinema industry.

All films subtitled in English and the show enhanced with the freshness of Estrella Damm beer and the unique chit-chat networking breaks we uniquely create for your indulgence.

Are you then ready for more CinemaAttic?

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