Fundraising Night at Art’s Complex Edinburgh

Hey cinemaattics,

as some of you may know,financial breakdown is causing havoc in nowadays Spain. The consequences the actual order of things is having on areas like education ought not to be underestimated. Not only young people are finding really hard to get into higher education due to sharp university fees increase, but primary schools are also facing the unbearable thickness of budget-cutting survival.

In CinemaAttic we understood that action should be taken and the positive impact our latest events are having over plural audiences could materialize in some kind of support. This is why we have decided to turn an already scheduled free-ticketed collaboration with Art’s Complex Edinburgh into a fundraising event. Spanish primary schools on the verge of financial collapse will be the receptors of this our latest initiative:

– We produce and curate a block of films composed by unseen-in-UK Spanish top-ten short films. Platforms like Marvin&Wayne Short Film Distribution Company, Bandé a Part or key film schools like ECAM are lending their latest jewels for the ocassion.

– We complement the selection with a couple of masterpieces from our database of classics. These will be donated, as their contribution too, by key filmmakers we have worked with already.

– We organize the film night and partner with Art’s Complex to set up a cosy cinema in their superb premises on 151 London Road EH7 6AE Edinburgh.

– A donation bar full of Estrella Damm and a solidarity pot will be available on the night as well as RBS bank account (number 00263473 sort code 831824) opened for the occasion and exclusively addressed to your contributions.

– We will ultimately transfer the raised money to -working for kids with schooling problems in Spain- and will cover the transfer fees ourselves.

– We invite you upon hoping you will tell your friends hence a large solidary crowd will come over. There is plenty of space at Art’s Complex for all of us!

Films and happenings then at the base of supportive events by which not only we aim to collect funds for schools in financial problems but arousing awareness of this terrible situation is for us fundamental too. We believe that cuts in education and the disturbance of schooling processes shall better be out of the question for any modern democratic society.

When and where is the event scheduled?

Friday the 15th of November 2013 at the Art’s Complex(151 London Road EH7 6AE Edinburgh).

Doors open at 6:30pm –event starts at 7pm for as long as two hours including breaks between films.

This is a FREE-TICKETED event and entrance will be permitted up to complete capacity.

Please support.

See you there!

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