Spanish & Latin-American animation: Edinburgh Show

The best thing about magic is that you can always get back to it, it can unwittingly appear where you rarely expect it to be.

Animation is a sort of magic of the magics: we all have a child within ourselves, the creative possibilities of the medium have no end and, more importantly, it can give way to any dream, any image, infinite imaginary.

After the summer break where we all love enjoying the festivals that inhabit the city of Edinburgh -pure magic- CinemaAttic is back to pioneer initiatives with an exclusive animation short film show. In partnership with our friends from Barcelona Marvin&Wayne Short Film Distribution, and including surprises from other distribution platforms never seen in the UK, we are very excited to present the 1st Spanish & Latin-American Animation Short Film Show to see light in Scotland.

Having fresh in our minds the sensations provoked by our last session in June, are you going to miss this re-encounter with your most childish inner essence…?¿ 🙂

Pencil down then:

September the 5th at Summerhall Edinburgh

Doors open at 7:30pm- Show starts at 8pm

Entry for just a fiver (5 pounds) and Estrella Damm beers available at bar.

Bring your friends and magic will take your dreams into account. Programme of films to be listed soon.

See you there!

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