COUPLING: 2nd short film show Leith Walk 2014

Hey cinemaatticos,
Spring is nearly round the corner, winter is trying to return from the caves but the only thing heating back is CinemaAttic! We are planning another night of films & happenings, this time at the Woodland Creatures in Leith after a fantastic event at Summerhall on March the 7th. Losing sight of our first landing at Woodland a month ago -pure magic and the first sold out in Leith for the company- is not an option either.

We will NOT have a repeated programme of films then but rather continuing our partnership with FREAK Independent Film Agency by digging out the short film treasures they have in their broad database. Funnily enough, our show on February the 14th at Summerhall did not totally fulfill our interest toward relationships for what we have prepared a pretty intense and eerie journey into the depths of human sentimental and personal interaction. We have called it coupling and there you will find both the conceivable but also the sheer extravaganza of human partnering. Are you ready?

We expect our Leith creatures to spoil us again with their lovely popcorns (some of you cleverly termed them as chorizo popcorn last time!) and their superb selection of beverages. Our cosy cinema will be waiting for you and please try to reserve your tickets on time to avoid disappointments since last time there was not even room for the thinest lady. The event will be live on Eventbrite in the coming hours or so. You can alternatively drop us an email, twit or Facebook message us if you need help getting your tickets or else.

See you next Thursday 20th of March at Woodland Creatures in Leith (260-262 Leith Walk, EH6 5EL Edinburgh)

Doors open at 7:30pm, show starts at 8pm.

Tell your friends! They would love to be with you at CinemaAttic.

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