• Latin Connections Film Festival First Edition

    Welcome/Bienvenidxs/Bem-vindes to the first edition of LATIN CONNECTIONS FILM FESTIVAL! PROGRAMME HERE!     Following our May and June seasons in 2022-23 (Adrift) and CinemaAttic’s unstoppable exhibition of Latin American and Iberian cinema during the course of the year, we are excited to announce the Latin Connections Film Festival. This

  • Propriedade by Daniel Bandeira / Interview by Julio Cavani

    BRASIL: A Slow Film Festival proudly presents Propriedade, a film by Daniel Bandeira, that paints a picture of a society in which the rift between the elitist individualism of the rich and the collective rage of the poor seems insurmountable. The film, which was part of the Panorama section of the

  • CURSED FLOWERS AND SACRED LEAVES: The Militant Cinema of Marta Rodríguez

    Marta Rodriguez, a true trailblazer in the world of Latin American documentary filmmaking, has cemented herself as a formidable force over her remarkable five-decade career. Committed to shedding light on pressing social issues, Marta Rodríguez uses her lens to amplify the voices of marginalised communities. Her documentaries tackle themes of gender,

  • Toro: The Artist and His Model Prisoners

    By Brian Beadie Enter Hernando Toro Botero, the remarkable Colombian artist who is the subject of a new documentary by Adriana Bernal-Mor and Ginna Ortega, and an exhibition presented by Cinemaattic, his first in Scotland. Born in 1948 to a working class family, he would develop an interest as a

  • We Rent Washing Machines and Other Colombian Curiosities

    Between 4 October and 9 November, Colombia will take over CinemaAttic again, an event that is becoming an annual custom to celebrate this country through film, food, music and other artistic expressions. This year will have a particular emphasis on photography and tropical-horror short films, offering a glimpse into a


    For a Better Understanding of Latin America   This September, we gather to remember and reflect upon a significant event in Chile’s history – the 50th anniversary of the coup led by General Augusto Pinochet. This event marked a turning point in our nation’s trajectory, leaving an indelible impact on

  • ADRIFT: Periferias // Spring 23

    ADRIFT’s second coming thrilling film season brought to you by CinemaAttic! This impressive four-week celebration of contemporary and classic cinema is set to hit Scottish shores this spring. With a range of exciting screenings in popular venues like Cameo, Britannia Panopticon, and CCA Glasgow, there’s no doubt that Scottish audiences

  • Glasgow Film Festival // window into Spanish films

    Glasgow Film Festival 2023 has an incredible window into Spanish cinema. It is a major celebration of all things Spanish and is a fantastic way to explore the best of Spanish cinema. The festival showcases the best of Spanish cinema, with a focus on the latest releases. Not only that,

  • My Emptiness and I – Leo Torre review

    Love comes with many preconceptions. Raphi, the main character from My Emptiness and I, comes to find this through trials and tribulations in her search for romantic connections throughout her transition. As a French trans woman working in a call centre in Barcelona, Raphi daydreams with tales of princes and


    Catalan Film Festival is Back! The Catalan Film Festival returns to Scotland 21 January – 15 February 2023. SAVE THE DATES! It’s cold outside, but here’s a new wave of Mediterranean vibes to warm up your winter season. This year the festival will pay particular attention to the beauty and inspiration

  • Curipira E A Máquina Do Destino – Review

    Janina Wagner’s ‘Curupira E A Máquina Do Destino’ distorts space and time with ease and fluidity, taking us beautifully and eerily down the Transamazônica BR-230 and into the jungle at the shoulder of Iracema, one example of far too many young girls driven into prostitution at the side of this

  • The Past Counts the Future

    THE PAST COUNTS THE FUTURE A workshop by Elena Duque CinemaAttic organised a workshop for young people in Craigmillar with Spanish-Venezuelan filmmaker, curator, writer and teacher Elena Duque in June 22. We went back to zero and explored the tricks of Méliès, together with the stop motion animation techniques by

  • Craigmillar Film Club

    CinemaAttic is bringing its brand of unique film events to Craigmillar Library as part of a new film club partnership. The film club’s first screening was a short film night last May. The screening will feature superb short films who have featured in film festivals across the world. These films

  • We are looking for VOLUNTEERS

    Do you love cinema? Have a passion for celebrating the best up and coming filmmakers? Want to see fantastic new short films from around the world? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we think you’d be the perfect fit as a CinemaAttic Volunteer! CinemaAttic is back for

  • We are looking for an ASSISTANT DIRECTOR

    CinemaAttic is looking for a part-time Assistant Director to join our dynamic international team of Ibero-American cinema enthusiasts and help us deliver our film offering in a hybrid format and continue to grow going forward. Assistant Director will work closely with the Director of CinemaAttic on how aims and objectives