Short Film Show: Marvin&Wayne session I

There was a time when Spanish films were all about flamenco dancers and macho bar regulars surrounding the young lolitas and saritas. A time when the cutting-edge attraction was to see how many fried eggs could the film start eat at once. A time when, unlike Fellini’s, the films were splitted into one female protagonist-thousand male actors per set…..but times are finally (and luckily) changing!

Barcelona-based Marvin&Wayne film distribution company is one of the platforms that are contributing more intensely to a new era of Spanish independent cinema. Because of their links with referents of the short film exhibition worldwide of the like of Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival, Berlinale Shorts o Zinemaldia, their database of films is growing well and fast. And it includes masterpieces that are rarely seen in the generic channels of film exhibition, not to mention that they exclusively concentrate on the incontestable power of recently awarded Spanish cinema.

Thanks to our new partnership with Marvin&Wayne starting on May the 2nd, CinemaAttic will bring you, up to the end of the year, five different short film shows that will open up a new window to the most innovative, hilarious and moving contemporary Spanish independent cinema. What is more important, we are returning to the medium that has best represented CinemaAttic’s ethos: the short film, the format of plural audiences, of crazily entertaining film nights, of pure and low cost quality cinema.

Alongside the best short films in town, Estrella Damm beer and the conforting warmth of Summerhall Red Lecture Theatre will be available and running as to make a difference for your night out.

Because Thursdays are the new Saturdays!
Because the new rules of cinema are back in a theatre near you!
Because the purest CinemaAttic is back!

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