Leith: here we go!

Hey cinemaattics,

It seems we all had a fab night on Friday at Summerhall and that cinema was above all the triumphal mate. Funnily enough, we should better start thinking how the good Lord we are going to combine having two lovers…there will be two CinemaAttic events per month from this week on!

The news: we are expanding to the most characteristic neighbourhood in Edinburgh: Leith Area. Not just that, we are very excited to begin partnership with the cosy and magic Woodland Creatures, where we are planning to set up our trademark cinema outside of cinemas. A selection of our pioneer films will be accompanied with the superb selection of drinks this unique corner of Leith offers. One event at Summerhall then and another at Leith area, how fantastic is that?!

As for the films, we are incredibly excited to announce that FREAK Agency is preparing a selection of their best classics for our first incursion in Leith Area….let us say that FREAK is one of the major labels with regards to short film in Spain as not by chance they have been at the top for over 15 years now!


Whether you liked what you see last Friday you’ll surely be keen to dicover the playlist of Spanish & Latin-American titles we have carefully selected for such ocassion.

Leith inhabitants and other creatures please make your way to our new cinemaattic niche in Leith: the Woodland Creatures!

Thursday 20th February

Doors open at 7:30pm

Film show starts at 8pm

Taking into account the dimensions of this venue and the sucess of our recent shows we strongly reccomend you book your tickets on time at the link bellow.


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