IberoDocs Short Film Session

Hey cinemaatticos,

We are now back to normal and normal is being magic lately. We want to close and homage IberoDocs, our latest project with Mar Felices, as we believe it deserves since the festival has gone really well! This is somehow a big thanks to anyone that attended and of course a massive clapping to our team who worked hard for the completion of the festival.

So, back to our cosy niche in Leith Woodland Creatures, we will be exclusively screening a selection of some of the most significant short film documentaries of Ibero-American filmmakers of recent years. In collaboration with La ECAM – Página Oficial, FREAK Independent Film Agency and the addition of two more documentaries from our database of authors, this selection is intended to open your senses for what it is to come in the next few months.

Not by chance, documentary is no longer a mere documenting of reality but, as we will discover, a wide and rich genre that has brilliantly assimilated the hitherto evolution of cinematic art as a whole.

Make your way in, tell your friends CinemaAttic is back to Leith and be part of this our reality: it’s magic, it’s real and it feels so good!


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