Uncanny May Short Film Show

Hey cinemaatticos,

having our studio already undertook another winter season with a fairly decent quote of audience and a consistent bunch of events, CinemaAttic Productions programme for 2014 now enters a crucial stage. Spring is swinging by, the bright May is already with us and the prospects for the summer season look fabulous. The most exciting array of cinema nights is ahead of us, folks.

In fact, far from banal, our quotidian return to Summerhall this May holds a box of surprises and exciting news. Our next event next Friday the 9th of May at the most effervescent venue in town is the opening of what is to come –new cinemaattic units are being created and we have just signed up our presence in Summerhall up to the end of the year what means 10 film nights will be spread over the next few months. Are you ready for the challenge?

Hence the event next Friday in the first place embodies both the power of the short film as we know (and love) it and the capabilities of our company to bring about exclusive events to cities like Edinburgh. The fact of, once again, having curated the programme of films by digging into FREAK Independent Film Agency’s database of works is neither more nor less than invaluable stability. We cannot help remarking how consistent this Spanish & Latin-American film distribution company is and how thankful we are to their openness to set out into new ways of networking with platforms like CinemaAttic Productions.

As for the films themselves, we will not need this time more than five uncanny works as to frame a very authorial selection that will hopefully fulfill your cinematic senses. Not by chance, authors of the like of Denis Rovira, Sebastian Miló or the last Spanish filmmaker to be nominated for 2014 Academy Awards Esteban Crespo are on the menu. The Red Lecture Theatre is the space and Estrella Damm the beer –what a wonderful cinematic life, is it not?

Pencil down then:

Friday 9th May 2014

Red Lecture Theatre at Summerhall

Doors open at 7:30pm, show starts at 8pm

NO office duties are reccomended to be undertaken the following day.

CinemaAttic hits back!

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