Spanish Film & Arts Festival Edin’11: second session.

Hi all,

after a very remarkable night at Inspace last Friday with the opening of the festival, we return this saturday the 12th of November with a new block of newly acclaimed Spanish short films and much more.

As for this second session, CinemaAttic have opened a new collaboration with The Third Door (45-47 Lothian Street) in our mutual endeavor to offer Edinburgh unique experiences -proper underground culture.

Hence, the Second block of screenings of the Spanish Film & Arts Festival Edin’11 will be a peek at diversity. Technically innovative, genuinely moving and extremely original, the actual Spanish cinema has nothing to do with a a concept of national cinemas profoundly shaped by multiculturalism these days.

Unseen in the UK, the selection of films will include the last work by the sheer duo Zac&Mac, the 2010 proposal of Barcelona-based puppet animation geniuses I+G Stop Motion or the documentary approach to time and memories of Noelia Rodriguez Deza’s Formol.

(If you missed the Opening you cannot miss the second selection of films we curated; but if you attended the first…are you really going to miss out the complementing second block??!)

Accompanying the films and opening the night with a unique Dj session: the incomparable swing of the Akimbo Divine Dj’s!
And YES: all the films are subtitled in English…

12th November 2011 at The Third Door, EH1 1HB.
Doors open at 7:30pm.
Event starts at 8pm
5 pounds entry.

There will be tickets available on the door but since there’s a potential number of late comers (yeah, most of them probably Spaniards!) we strongly recommend to pre-book your tickets in advance at

Full programme of the festival here

or on request at

Final Week Spanish Film Festival!!

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