Final Week Spanish Film Festival!!

Hi all,

thanking you all so much for the two very special nights we had at The Third Door and Alba Flamenca last Friday and Saturday, we are entering now the final week of our Spanish Film Festival. Yeah, you’re still on time to catch something!

THURSDAY 1st December, Block Three -Final session

To begin with, Block Three of the selection of the most important Spanish short films ’09 – ’10: Final Showcase.

Thursday, 1st December @ Inspace (1 Chricton Street, EH8 1AB, Edinburgh)
Doors open at 7:30pm.
Event starts at 8pm
5 pounds entry.

We come back to the best venue in Edinburgh to present what we believe is the top block of films -you will have the opportunity to watch the Oscar 2012 pre-selected and superb Vicenta, by Sam Ortí, included -.

To open up the night we will have the funky tunes of Mouthful of Grass. The photographer Mr Eoin Carey will make sure everything has been properly framed and to conclude the session the Akimbo Divine Dj’s will play the right tunes for the enjoyment of all of you.
Our three sponsors, Estrella Damm, Bar Rioja and El Olivo, will spoil you with an excellent selection of food and the best beer!

[A private after party has been arranged for the attendants]

There will be tickets available on the door but we strongly recommend that you pre-book your tickets in advance at


FRIDAY 2nd December: Opening of Paper portraits, by Omar Arráez.

On Friday, 2nd December @ Axolotl Gallery the not-to-be-missed Opening of Paper portraits by Omar Arráez – with Omar Arráez himself introducing the exhibition to the attendants.

This project is based on a serires of large format charcoal paintings on close-up for different characters. The attraction exerted by the unearhtly features of the paintings and their dimensions invite you to face the works in situ in the gallery. They speak for themselves .

Friday 2nd December at Axolotl (35 Dundas Street, EH3 6QQ).
6pm, drinks and mince pies til 9pm, chill-out and outdoors discussions
on the rocks after.
FREE entry.

Please note that the artist will be in town until December the 15th and exhibition will last until 25th January 2012. Any ideas, suggestions, questions or interest towards specific aspects of the artist and his activities can be until be addressed to and we will get in touch asap.


SATURDAY 3rd, Homage to Berlanga at Filmhouse

Yet Saturday 3rd of December is not less important either.CinemaAttic will homage Luis García Berlanga -the most important Spanish filmmaker before the emergence of Pedro Almodovar; when not in fact an smart prelude of the later- with the unique screening of his masterful debut Welcome Mr Marshall at Filmhouse Edinburgh (88 Lothian Road, EH3 9BZ) at 3:45pm.

The film will be preceded by an extended introduction of the work of Luis García Berlanga by Bernard Bentley -Senior Lecturer in Spanish at the University of Saint Andrews and author of A Companion to Spanish Cinema (2008) -.

Welcome Mr Marshall will be complemented with the screening of The executioner -Berlanga’s most elegant film- on Thursday, 8th December at 6:15pm.

Tickets can pe purchased from Filmhouse’s website
or reserved by getting in touch on

For further info on the festival programme you can download the brochure here
or on request at

Have a lovely week and we hope to see you all there!

Luis Garcia Berlanga
Spanish Film & Arts Festival Edin'11: second session.

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