July Fantastic Short Film Show

Hello cinemaatticos,

Keeping with our conquering the territory of film nights in Scotland, here it is yet another show of pioneer Spanish shorts. We know well how much you all appreciate the sun this time of the year though there will be few other chances to see this rare and uncanny selection of films hardly classifiable –we admit it- as Spanish.

There was indeed a time when Spanish films looked only as Spanish films. A time in Spanish film industry when was dead easy to search for locations and identifying the origin of the productions was monkey business. The end of that time has come to an end, Spanish films do no longer look as Spanish films and in fact we are here to test so.


With FREAK Independent Film Agency still being our main source for programming, we are proud of this last selection of works and we hope you can find the same comfort whether the terror, fear and fantasy that will fulfill the screen let you doing so….

Simply because it is not easy when your kid is possessed or you do not really know how to assimilate the transition from being alive to become a dead body. Yes, ladies and gentlemen this is cinema and we count this time with films like It is not funny by Carlos Violadé or Overflowed by Joan LLabata, the dehydrating ideas of Jose Luis Aleman or the uneasy visions of Macarena Astorga.

To counterpart this tough bite how about some fresh Estrella beers waiting for you in our fridge and our globally famous chit-chat networking outside of the cinema.

All this right before the feast of CinemaAttic FRINGE in August….

Oh yeah, guys, this is hot yooooo!

Pencil down then:

10th of July 2014 at Sumerhall (1Summerhall Place, EH9, 1QH)

Venue: Red Lecture Theatre

Doors open at 7:30pm, show starts at 8pm

Entry for the only and unique British fiver (5 pounds)

See you there!

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