• Democracia


    The manager of a company proposes a daring plan for keeping the workers’ morale high. ***** El gerente de una empresa propone un audaz plan para mantener alta la moral de…

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  • Madre


    La cotidiana conversación entre Marta y su madre se convierte en una trágica situación contrarreloj cuando reciben la llamada del hijo de la primera.

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  • la gallina ciega

    La gallina ciega

    A blind man accidentally loses his guide-dog. Alone in the dark in a big city, he discovers that his strength lies in recognising his own vulnerability. ***** Un ciego…

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  • Voice Over

    Voice Over

    I-won’t-tell-you-whose voice over guides us through three extreme situations which are actually the same. Will you survive? ***** La voz de no-te-digo-quién narra tres situaciones límite que en realidad son una…

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  • Deus et Machina

    Deus et machina

    The employee comes to the factory every day. He is the only person who is qualified to do his particular job. It is precise, mundane, and repetitive work. Every…

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  • Traumalogia


    At the wedding of Antonio, the eldest of a five-sibling family, his father has a heart attack. The wedding is interrupted and the whole family goes to the hospital,…

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    It’s not a question of long conversations, of long years of living together. Sometimes, in a place where people pass each other by, in only a few minutes, you…

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  • Éramos Pocos

    Éramos Pocos

    When his wife leaves him, Joaquín turns to his son to help him bring his mother-in-law out of a home to do the housework. ***** Cuando su mujer le abandona,…

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  • Mamis


    Being gay in Cuba has never being easy. Despite things changed considerably in the last 10 years, homosexuality remains to be a taboo. For women it’s even more difficult,…

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  • El Adios

    El Adios

    A Bolivian maid attempts to honor her late mistress’s last wishes. ***** Una empleada doméstica boliviana intenta cumplir los últimos deseos de su señora.

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  • minerita


    Cerro Rico in Potosí (Bolivia) is a lawless territory, characterised by brutal violence. The miners risk their lives every day, digging for silver and zinc in crumbling galleries. The…

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  • zelatrovke-poster

    Zela Trovke

    Moritats are old folk songs about crimes and are typical of Central Europe. Zela Trovke is a moritat from Slovakia which the Holland Baroque Society has recovered to include…

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  • Topeka


    The men from a small village make a circle in the middle of the town square. In the middle of the circle, a fight between two rams… ***** Los hombres de…

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  • buena_madre

    La Buena Madre

    A Mexican mother, with her only child’s birthday looming, embarks upon an epic journey across land and through her politics, to find the right piñata for her son… ***** La historia…

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  • kleptomami


    A film about the absurdities of today’s mummyhood. ***** Lucy está cansada de ser la madre perfecta. Cuando un guardia de seguridad registra el cochecito de su bebé, encuentra mucho más…

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