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This September, we gather to remember and reflect upon a significant event in Chile’s history – the 50th anniversary of the coup led by General Augusto Pinochet. This event marked a turning point in our nation’s trajectory, leaving an indelible impact on the lives of countless Chileans.

On September 11, 1973, Chile experienced a rupture of democracy and a brutal violation of human rights. The military coup resulted in the overthrow of President Salvador Allende and the establishment of a military dictatorship that lasted for nearly two decades.

As we commemorate this solemn anniversary, it is crucial to remember the victims of Pinochet’s regime. Thousands of individuals were subjected to torture, forced disappearances, and extrajudicial killings. Families were torn apart, and the wounds inflicted during those dark days still echo through our society.

However, amidst the pain and suffering, we must also acknowledge the resilience and strength of the Chilean people. Our country has come a long way since those dark times. We have strived to heal the wounds of the past, seeking justice, truth, and reconciliation.

Today, we stand united in our commitment to human rights, democracy, and the rule of law. We pay tribute to the brave individuals who fought for justice and democracy during those difficult years. Their sacrifice and courage have paved the way for a more inclusive and just society.

As we remember this 50th anniversary, we join FABULA and other organisations working for a world where every voice is heard, where justice prevails, and where the horrors of the past remain forever in our collective memory. May we continue to work towards a society where human rights are respected, and where the dignity of every individual is upheld. In solidarity,


The events will go as follows

Edinburgh Central Library ( George IV Bridge) for  the whole of September

Exhibition – ‘Chile 50 years on’

4th September -opening at 6:30-7:30pm Talk & music by Carlos Arredondo.

A comprehensive collection of important historical, cultural and political documents and ephemera including: Chilean newspapers, posters, films, magazines and leaflets, MPs letters, literature  dealing with Allende, Pinochet, and the musical culture of the 1970s, photographs and aspects of the community of the Chilean refugees and the Solidarity Campaign in Scotland. A variety of reports from Amnesty International, Human Rights, Written testimonies of Chilean in exile in Scotland.

6th September at 17:45 : Short films programme on present and past chilean cinema presented by with Carlos Arredondo. At Craigmillar Library (101 Niddrie Mains Rd. Edinburgh EH16 4DS) // ALL INFO HERE

9th September- FABULA will present:  ‘Concert ‘Chile 50 years On’  at 6:30pm. At St Cecilia’s Hall. ( 50 Niddry St Edinburgh EH1 1LG ) with the kind support of UNISON Lothian Health Branch and City of Edinburgh Council Branch . Jorge Sandoval and his band. Free event but donations to cover costs welcomed. Reserve your free ticckt here

Scottish/Chilean folk musicians and singers have played a very important role in the Chilean Solidarity Campaign in Scotland since 1974. This concert will continue this tradition of solidarity with an exciting programme with the music of Scotland and Chile: Mairi Campbell & Dave Francis, Stan Reeves & Minnow, Protest in Harmony Chorus. Presenting songs of Victor Jara: Carlos Arredondo, Galo Ceron & Patagonia Latin Sound.

The concert will be introduced by the poet and dramatist Jim Aitken a  tutor of Scottish Cultural Studies


14th September – CinemaAttic will present a night of remembrance at Central Library of Scotland. Q&A with members of the Chilean diaspora and the screening of 1976 by Manuela martelli. Free event but you need to book. ALL INFO HERE


16th September –  CinemaAttic will present : Short Films and live music at St Peters Scottish Episcopal Church at  20:00pm . (Luton Place, Newington EH8 9PE)   – A collection of Chilean films, chilean food and music and an introduction by Carlos Arredondo. ALL INFO HERE

The National Library of Scotland    ( George IV Bridge) will display material about Chile  throughout the month of September and on the

18th September   ‘Migrating Music’

A musical event bringing together displaced  people from across the world. ( short initial talk Q&A about Chile and musical connections with Scotland) Carlos Arredondo and Music Broth with ECL participation.

21st SeptemberCinemaAttic at CCA Glasgow – will present a  short films programme of .Chilean films. ALL INFO HERE

TBC –  University of Edinburgh. Talk by historian and Mapuche activist Fernando Pairican at the University of Edinburgh. Invited by Dr. Magnus Course, Head of Social Anthropology. (Details to follow)

Chile 50 years on

26th September at 18:30 – 19:30 – Edinburgh Central Library (George the IV Bridge)
Documentary ‘Carmen’ presented by Carlos Arredondo to pay homage to the Scottish lawyer Andy McEntee who
was the interpreter for Carmen Quintana in 1989 during her visit to Edinburgh to give her testimony of her
experience at the hands of the dictatorship to the University of Edinburgh students. Andy played a huge part in the
detention of General Pinochet in London in 1999 causing furore in Chile, Spain and the UK. The BBC drama
‘Pinochet in Suburbia’ (2006) tells Andy’s story and his role in the detention of Pinochet. Margaret Thatcher was
his powerful ally in the UK along with her scottish minister Norman Lamont.

27th September at 17:00 – 19:00 – Public event at University of Edinburgh -Seminar Room One, Chrystal
Macmillan Building.
Talk by historian and Mapuche activist Fernando Pairican invited by Dr. Magnus Course, Head of Social
Anthropology. ( In Spanish with an interpreter) Rüpü:

The long road of the Mapuche movement: 1910-2020.

In this talk we hope to provide elements for understanding the history of the Mapuche movement in its long history.
duration with the purpose of reversing settlement colonialism and empowering themselves using different mechanisms
for it. One was on a political level to create a first experience of Mapuche organizations between 1910-1960, which
which allowed the development of deputies within Parliament and even Ministers. However, he failed
transform developed aspects of land ownership, nor reverse settler colonialism nor
descend the racialization of Mapuche society. A second part of the talk will address Agrarian Reform and
the impact it had on ethnic radicalization and how it influenced the Coup d’état. One third of the
The exhibition will expose the emergence of the second cycle of the Mapuche movement, which will sustain ideas

Self-determination and Autonomy as a historical project. From this dimension, it will develop the
history of the Mapuche movement between 1981-2020,

Info & tickets here

Please note:

Edinburgh Central Library ( George IV Bridge) for  the whole of October

FABULA – Display of Los Diarios de Jan ( Jan’s  Newspapers)

Jan Fairley (1949-2012) was a respected and well known English/Scottish musicologist, journalist and broadcasters  who lived in Edinburgh. She  arrived in Chile in 1971 and married there. Jan was in Chile when the Pinochet’s bloody coup took place and had to leave the country in very difficult circumstances. Jan was one of the first people to arrive in Britain from Chile and speak about the atrocities taken place in the country in 1973. She brought with her an incredible amount of Chilean newspapers, magazines and leaflets from the 1970s-1973 period. The papers for the display were rearranged into English subtitles by Dr Fiona Mackintosh and the Senior Lecturer  Iona MacIntyre   from the department of Language and culture at the Edinburgh University.

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