In 2012, Julian Assange, editor of WikiLeaks, takes refuge in the Embassy of Ecuador in London. A Swedish prosecutor is seeking him for alleged sex offences, but Assange fears it’s a trap to extradite him to the US, where a secret case against him is ongoing. That same year, Judge Baltasar Garzón, famous for prosecuting Augusto Pinochet, reinvents himself as a lawyer. At the helm of an international legal team, Garzón leads a complex case, with deep political implications, involving several countries and whose outcome will affect freedom of information worldwide. With privileged access to its protagonists for three years, the film follows two controversial characters: the champion of transparency for the powerful and the hacker for justice, united against the world’s most powerful state in a standoff which is not over yet.
Desde que en 2012 Baltasar Garzón asumiera la defensa de Julian Assange, el talento y la capacidad del exjuez han estado sometidos a prueba. El equipo jurídico tuvo que buscar, siempre en secreto, nuevas estrategias para defender al activista más famoso del mundo.