1st Catalan Film Festival Scotland, Nov-Dec 2012

CinemaAttic, in association with Scotland’s Catalan Centre, is proud to present the 1st Catalan Film Festival to see light in Scotland.

This initiative stems from our endeavour to organise pioneering festivals around the UK and it has come into fruition thanks to the interest of Scotland’s Catalan Centre to promote Catalan culture through its freshest cinema. Not by chance, in the course of the last five years there has been a significant rise in the profile of Catalan film outside of Spain, gaining recognition as these have been in various international festivals including representing Spain in the Academy Awards.

With a programme of activities including nine days of films in five venues across Edinburgh, our focus is cinema and just cinema. By this we want to clarify that we hold no political agenda in relation to the staging of this festival; rather, that we share the passion of Isabel Coixet, Pere Portabella or Agustí Villaronga for the medium, and that our commitment is only connected to opening up new ways of understanding life and approaching cinema regardless of its geographical ground.

Saying this, we are keen to present masterpieces of the like of Pa negre (Black bread, 2010); Escuchando al juez Garzón (Listening to judge Garzón, 2011) or El silenci abans de Bach (The Silence Before Bach 2007) alongside the latest achievements of Catalan cinema´s new talents divided into three exclusive nights of short films.

Every film is subtitled in English and will only be screened once. This is a rare opportunity to approach one of the most significant art forms of a vibrant culture, aware as we are that the connecting power of the latter is essential for creating open and democratic societies.

Hopefully by engaging with Scotland´s 1st Catalan Film Festival you can share our passion too.

CinemaAttic Team

Opening: http://cff1.eventbrite.com/

Day 2: http://cff2.eventbrite.com/

Day 3: http://cff3.eventbrite.com/

Day 4: http://cff4.eventbrite.com/

Day 5: http://cff5.eventbrite.com/

Day 6: http://cff6.eventbrite.com/

Day 7: http://cff7.eventbrite.com/

Day 8: http://cff8.eventbrite.com/

Closing session: http://cff9.eventbrite.com/

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