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  • HOGMANAY 2021 | 12 CinemaAttic Grapes to See the New Year In

    The CinemaAttic team wishes you all the best things for 2022! As is customary in Spain on New Year’s Eve, we eat a grape with each of the twelve bell strikes at midnight to attract good fortune. Extending this tradition to what CinemaAttic is most passionate about, we are sharing

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  • FOCUS: Clara Roquet

    Disinheritance, swimming pools, and magical moments of adolescence – looming over all this, the omnipresence of a clock that never stops, ticking and tocking, marking the passing of time. We are immensely proud to offer a retrospective on the cinema of Clara Roquet, celebrating the release of her first feature

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  • FOCUS: Meritxell Colell

    Images blend with personal thoughts. Life blends with the process of making films. The personal is political. Family, students, actors move in front and behind the camera in Meritxell Colell’s films. To watch Meritxell’s films is to participate in a journey, a process that is yet to be defined. Meritxell

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