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  • Toro: The Artist and His Model Prisoners

    By Brian Beadie Enter Hernando Toro Botero, the remarkable Colombian artist who is the subject of a new documentary by Adriana Bernal-Mor and Ginna Ortega, and an exhibition presented by Cinemaattic, his first in Scotland. Born in 1948 to a working class family, he would develop an interest as a

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  • We Rent Washing Machines and Other Colombian Curiosities

    Between 4 October and 9 November, Colombia will take over CinemaAttic again, an event that is becoming an annual custom to celebrate this country through film, food, music and other artistic expressions. This year will have a particular emphasis on photography and tropical-horror short films, offering a glimpse into a

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    For a Better Understanding of Latin America   This September, we gather to remember and reflect upon a significant event in Chile’s history – the 50th anniversary of the coup led by General Augusto Pinochet. This event marked a turning point in our nation’s trajectory, leaving an indelible impact on

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