Kimuak and CinemaAttic

‘School for film directors. A way station towards feature films. A genre by itself, to which even successful directors return.

Short film are all that: small cinematographic works of art reccreating their own worlds. As they are outside the industry and there is no rrom in the commercial circuit for them, from the institutions, we must not onyl claim the quality and the artistic value of this format, but also provide the conditions that make possible its correct expression and spreading. KIMUAK is a programme created by the Culture Department of the Basque Government and managed, at first, by Donostia Cultura’s Film Unit, and currently by the Basque Film Archive. Our role as Administration has been to provide young foilm directors of our country with a platform to show, under fine conditions, the works produced in the Basque Country, inside and outside the country.

As a result of this work, two short films of KIMUAK were nominated for the Oscar Awards of Hollywood.

Thanks to the proliferation of specialized festivals, the irruption of new technologies that have democratized the audiovisual creation and the broadcasting via internet, short films are achieving a greater social impact and, therefore, the recognition of the audience.’

The above statement was created by EUSKADIKO FILMATEGIA Fundazioa -Basque Filmoteque Fundation. Their enterprise in supporting and distributing Basque short films worldwide is a case in point in Spain. Further, The Etxepare Basque Institute was created with the aim and mission o spreading the Basque language and culture throughout the world.

In CinemaAttic we work towards the expansion of Spanish short film overseas as we strongly believe in the inmense capacity of legion film directors whose works must be relocated in the outskirts of the film industry. It is indeed that isolation inherent to the short film format what we understand gives the format its very exclusive nature, its real value.

That is why we work closely with platforms such as KIMUAK, establishing partnerships with which the invaluable effort these platforms undertake in supporting marginal works can be mirrowed outside their generic domains.

Thansk to them we can continue our activity.

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