Hasta la vista, baby!

Our adventure at Hackney Attic is sadly coming to an end and it’s time to say ‘hasta la vista’ to the Attic with us! And so we’ve thought there’s no better way than with a selection of our favorite short films. They may be a tad subjective… but we at CinemaAttic believe these shorts are the most befitting way to bid you all a fond farewell. A parting, where we hope we’ll all come together again very soon.


Our selection parts from a premise: our love for the short films is in debt with this selection and, for us, these are shorts that everyone should watch at least once.

Great directors, amazing stories, astronauts, bathtubs, superheroes and a bunch of ordinary people doing extraordinary things…life it is!

Come and join us in this last (but not least) CinemaAttic at Hackney Attic and embrace the adventure…because this has been just the beginning.

Hope to see you all there

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