Our Mission

CinemaAttic was established in 2008 in Edinburgh as an arts and culture blog to provide a platform for thoughts and ideas about independent cinema. The name derives from its first venue, a secret loft located in the heart of Edinburgh that was converted into a cinema to host underground cultural events. Today, CinemaAttic has flourished into one of Scotland’s key players in the film exhibition scene, delivering our events strategically with some of the most prominent Scottish festivals and organisations.

With enhanced film experiences and a strong social approach that allow us to reach transversal popular audiences beyond festival goers and specialised audiences, we have become one of the most active members of Film Hub Scotland. CinemaAttic is a case of consistency and commitment to a film programming proposal that has enriched Scotland’s film scene for almost thirteen years now.

Despite CinemaAttic’s evolution we continue to maintain the initial foundation of reclaiming the artistic value of independent cinema in our all-year-round ‘handcrafted’ programmes of world cinema.