Vuelven. Cinemaattic 2017

Volvemos indeed. These Short Film fanatics are back with the finest independent films from Spain And Latin American countries. In January Cinemaattic get back with a night focused on the power of the Memory. Idols and individuals missing the good ol’ days, examining past times and the influence of those memories in today’s present lives. From the very beginning of the year yo the last minute we will put contemporary Spanish language films in UK theatres. Ready? 13th Of January 2017@ Old St Paul’s Episcopal Church
Quality. Some of the films are nominated to next Goya Awards 2017. Variety, 3D and stop motion animation, moving short documentaries set in Torremolinos and Havana. Music as we follow the last gig of a music band, Sci Fi as we travel to Saturn’s largest moon…Guest countries, again glad to include films from Argentina and Cuba!

We will talk about politics as we gauge the influence of two of the longest –and more controversial- political regimes in Latin America in modern history. Fidel Castro’s Revolucion Cubana and Videla’s Regime in Argentina are omnipresent protagonists in “Mamis” and “Father”. Further than presenting exemplary violence of military governments, these films focus on those indelible signs of the History on the individuals. The only ones that still bleed…

In “Father” we embrace again stop motion animation with this Argentinian award winning gem. Argentina, 1983. The dictatorship just passed and the horror, by now invisible, finds a place in the inside, in the memory. Videla’s regime is not neither we see it and yet the contamination in the Argentinian life is absolute.

Still with our EICTV homage in mind we invite yet another Cuban film to the Cinemaattic party. In “Mamis” you can find the story of brave women challenging the society they live in. Being gay in Cuba has never been easy. For women, it’s even more difficult. They have to face the double standard of being both women and gay in an aggressive “macho” society. Now imagine being not only a woman, and not only gay, but also a mother in such a society. This is a story about Violeta, Isabel, Tamara, and Yoana: Cuban women who found their way.

Documentary will be present as we head down south to Torremolinos to know the beautiful story inside “Al Pelae”, a camera following an uncommon individual who has too many memories for just one man…

We aim to talk about memories, so what about expats. All those memories of your country, family and culture. Goya 2017 nominated “Portrait of a Wind up maker” is the five-minute story of Chema, an emigrated architect from Spain who lives in Amsterdam. He has built up a new life there as a wind-up toy maker. He creates them from recycle items…

One of the things a Spaniard must miss the most while living abroad are the “garitos”. What is a garito? -you may ask- Garito is the name given to some particularly rooted not too fancy live music venues in Spain, despite not being fancy places garitos out stand for their warm atmosphere…our honky tonk kind of bars. They became very popular in Spanish big cities when the first rock and roll bands started to tour all over the country jumpin’ from garito to garito. “Algo que decir” is an homage to rock bands and all Spanish garitos (and even more concrete to Madrid ones). This is the story of a band reunited for a last gig and a whole lot memories in the air…

It’s been a long time since we don’t bring Sci-fi don’t you agree folks? One of the most talked phenomena of the year was “Titan” by Alvaro Gonzalez. Saturn’s largest moon, is the main stage of the Mission Cronos. Orpheus, one of the astronauts who have descended to its surface, is searching for organic life forms, but memories also pay its role in such a lonesome mission across the universe.

A programme curated with distribution leader Feelsales and Short film festival Cortogenia. We are now working together to bring latest gems produced in Spain, a step towards better curated film nights. So get ready 2017, we are Cinemaatttic and we’re ready for some funky times.

Back on the streets, back where everything started, back in OSP (Old St. Pauls Episcopal Church). On Friday 13th January we take you to church. Pray if you can, bar will be open as usual, discussion flowing and that unique cinemaattic atmosphere will take over the temple. This is a new party for the CORTO, we will once again celebrate Short-film.

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13th Of January 2017@ Old St Paul’s Episcopal Church
39 Jeffrey Street

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