Rip it Up (and start again)

Drawing upon the the rebellious energy and subversive spirit of punk rock, this workshop will channel the key punk principles of collage, disruption and D.I.Y sensibilities, in order to create a cameraless, direct-animation, cut-up film.

Inspired by the ways in which punk rock musicians radically reconfigured the tired conventions of rock and roll language, the group will approach the making of an abstract film using collaborative and playful principles. Considering the filmstrip as a surface for collaging and creative destruction, we will be repurposing and reinvigorating found visual ephemera in order to question and distort perceived meanings around images and their consumption.

We will also be exploring how embracing chance and spontaneity might be harnessed as an editing tool. Thinking about the correlation between creation and destruction, we will experiment with ways to push the film strip to the edge of its capacities: cutting into the material, scratching it and applying abrasive substances.

Working collaboratively we will create a work with our hands, without the need for a camera, that in its very form stands in opposition to mass-media packaging of film as simply a ‘product’ to be consumed. This work will be visceral and confrontational, and demands the active interaction of the viewer.


Please contact CinemaAttic if you are interested in attending