Mulleres Da Raia (Women from the Border)

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On Friday Cinemaattic looks specifically on films about A Raia, the border between Portugal and Galicia. The years of ‘contrabando’ (smuggling) and the close relation between inhabitants north and south of the border.

Never mind the US – Mexico ‘Frontera’, something exciting is happening in the westernmost corner of Europe. Geopolitical borders can’t split a shared way to frame reality. The boundary between Spain and Portugal is supposed to be one of the most – if not the most – fixed and stable borders in the world, with some authors stating that it has a history of almost a thousand years. The fact a geopolitical border says they are different countries, Portuguese and Galicians have a common serene way to understand life.

Mulleres da Raia (Women from the Border) by Diana Gonçalves + Short

MULLERES DA RAIA- Two voyages: in space, along a river that serves as frontier between Portugal and Spain; and in time, through memories delivered on camera by a handful of old women, who fought with determination against the law, poverty, and illiteracy to provide for basic sustenance to their families. A few men add independent testimony to the hard life of those women smugglers: a railway’s man and two customs officers.

A programme that aims to look at the Influence of established borders between countries in today’s world and the way humans debunk those geographic limits, challenging politics and power.

Friday 9th of march @ 7:30pm

Centre for Contemporary Arts 
350 Sauchiehall Street 
Glasgow G2 3JD 
United Kingdom

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