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Cinemaattic gathers a good bunch of misfits, solitaires, eccentrics and freaks. Just like us.

We’re back with the best independent films from Spain, Argentina and Colombia in short film format. You should expect first class movies, warm atmosphere, provocateurs amongst the audience and a hell of a great night where you will be transformed by the programme and the whole atmosphere of “the cinemaattic nights”.

Programme wise, what we have for you this month? Lots of comedy folks. Once again we embrace comedy film to prove you can make first class films and be funny. Always irreverent Argentinian humour, ironic misunderstandings, sheer sarcasm and biting wit.

Two Spanish short films qualified for the official competition at Clermont-Ferrand fst this year. One of them was “Como yo te amo” and aye it’s one of the little gems included for our May service. Animation is back on with “Juan and the cloud”. Eduardo Casanova, well known actor of Spanish TV series Aida re-framed his career to become one of the most remarkable breakthrough auteurs in Spanish Cinema. His unique pop trademark is obvious in Fidel, a short story accompanying Fidel Castro in the last moments of his life. Are you taking Spanish classes? Don’t be afraid one of our characters this month is struggling also in the process of learn “Castellano”. And best of all…Zombies are back! YES!

Castaways, oddballs and rebels, they share a sense of being out of place not fitting in the place where they had to live. Cinemaattic presents…Misfits.

como yo te amo_07-crop-u24113COMO YO TE AMO. Not enough with being selected in one of the most prestigious festivals worldwide, Como yo te amo won Best Comedy Prize and International Audience Award at Clermont Ferrand Film Festival this year. Dani is a petty thief who falls for the policewoman that arrests him after robbing a store. This is real love at first sight, a moment of unexpected glare and, especially, something totally new for Dani, who has never been in love before. From that moment on, the only thing that keeps he alive is the crazy hope of seeing her again…

JUAN AND THE CLOUD. Juan is a child who doesn’t have any friends. La Nube is a cloud who doesn’t have any cloud friends. They find each other and become friends. However, Juan grows up and gets lost in the grey adult world. Best Animation Shortfilm in GOYAS 2015 we finally found the perfect excuse (programme) for you to meet Juan.

ANY DAY NOW. When Jeff’s girlfriend Kate breaks up with him because he’s too immature to “understand” her strange and terminal illness, he purchases a coffin and keeps it in the living room to prove he can master the lessons of mortality. Mentored by his girlfriend’s new boyfriend Carl, a bizarre fellow whom she prefers because he was struck twice by lightning and experienced clinical brain death, our hero undergoes a crash-course in self discovery.  A short, sweet comedy about how short (and sweet) life can be…

FIDEL. Cuba, as we knew it is dying. Cubans are craving to be connected to the Internet, to buy in Zara, eat in Burger King and have Apple gadgets Nevertheless, Fidel, the leader of the Revolution is alone and hiding.

BECAUSE, Ruth Caudeli. Victoria and Paula speak to a wedding on the outskirts of Bogotá. A pending conversation will make them unleash feelings they believed forgotten. fidelcoca

ZOMBIES, Sebastian Dietsch. Oh Argentinians. What a twisted sense of humour. If you have guessed this is a film about Zombies you were right. Zombies never quite fitted in any society in recent history. They always ended up eating people and that eventually became a bit of an issue. It’s been a while without them in Cinemaattic. Now put a jealous couple trying to survive in the context of a zombie outbreak. A married couple is haunted by zombies. Locked and unable to escape, they discover that the danger is closer than they think…

LAS REGLAS DEL SUBJUNTIVO. Psychology and language learning intertwining. A businessman experiences a therapeutic catharsis while attending a one to one Spanish lesson on grammar.  Are you learning Spanish? This a must for you. Leticia Torres’ lost in translation comedy plays with irony with the rules of Spanish grammar and the need to be listened.

Here we go again. Cinemaattic strikes again. Pencil doon folks,

Friday 3rd June

7.30 pm doors open, 8pm Show starts
Our temple for film appreciation:
350 Sauchiehall St, Glasgow G2 3JD

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