Madrid era una Fiesta | EL FUTURO + ALIENS

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Madrid era una Fiesta. The Spanish Transition revisited by filmmaker Luis Lopez Carrasco.

Cinemaattic and Scalarama Glasgow present a special night showing acclaimed films by Luis Lopez Carrasco EL FUTURO + ALIENS, followed by a special “Contra-Ola” DJ Set into the damned bands of La Movida Madrileña. In the immediate aftermath of the fall of Franco, a new freedom and excitement overtook the Spanish nation, and nowhere could this be scene more clearly than in Madrid. A creative explosion known as La Movida Madrileña displayed a new attitude in music, film, and literature.

A unique night of cultural subversion and a search for new political narratives of the Spanish Transición (the political transition from Francoism to Democracy). With art-house gems El Futuro and Aliens director Luis Lopez Carrasco debunks many of the myths around the Movida Madrilena and the Spanish political transition to democracy.

7.30PM Screening of El Futuro + Aliens

9.00PM – 10.30 PM  “Contra Ola” DJ Set

Venue: The Seamore Community Cinema ; 304 Maryhill Road ; Glasgow, G20 7YE

ALIENS | Short Filmaliens3

Among the key bands of this period was Zombies (not to be confused with the U.K. group of the same name).. One of the members of Zombies, and a number of other bands of the era, was Tesa Arranz, a singer, painter, and poet.

Aliens, the latest from Carrasco (El futuro), is a frantic, circuit-fried profile of Arranz, still going strong in her fifties. She rants about her relationship to extraterrestrials, provides an extensive lineage of the Movida, based primarily on who was banging who and what drugs they were taking, and offers the viewer a time-based display of her hundreds of paintings.
Carrasco creates a document that bears all the scuzzwad, anti-authority traces appropriate to his subject. But above all, the filmmaker never brings in outside reference points like historians or art experts. As far as Aliens is concerned, Tesa’s revolution is everybody’s.


EL FUTURO  | Feature

CARTEL EL FUTUROThis feature debut by Luis López Carrasco is set at a party in 1982 on the eve of the election that was to give Socialist leader Felipe González an absolute majority. We hear a radio report in which he announces his plans for the future: defence of the (still young) democracy, conquering the economic crisis and strengthening the unity of Spain.

At the party that, as El Pais put it, ‘lasted so long that 30 years passed before daylight came back,’ twenty-somethings and thirty-somethings talk animatedly about relationships, drugs, horoscopes, the ETA, etc. Meanwhile, very cool Spanish new-wave music is playing.

López Carrasco (32) started on The Future when the crisis and budget cuts in Spain had put all plans, initiatives and ideas on hold. The film was also shot without much budget – but shooting it on 16mm helped give this utopian, revolutionary and nostalgic re-enactment much of its power and authenticity.



A DJ set dedicated to the early 80’s Spanish Synth Wave and Post Punk scene. We explore the electronic music side of the independent music produced in the days in the Iberian Peninsula: Synthetic pop music with industrial sounds including futurist Art Rock, dance-floor productions and low-fi experiments on cassettes.

Classics or true hidden treasures, this selection of nineteen songs is symbolic of the musical dawn that Spain experienced during the decade marked by the return of democracy and by the creative freedom initiated by Punk music.


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