La Familia!

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Hey hey amigos,

We are ready for another season full of Shorts from Spain and Latin American countries. Dates ready, mind-expanding film programmes and plenty of surprises. We will be the second Friday -with fewer exceptions- every month at CCA. So pencil it down in your agendas, Cinemaattic nights hit back the Glasgow streets. This is gonh be good!

Family, is there anything more important in this world?

We do not choose the family into which we are born. Yet, they have a big influence in our lives! The family circle is a key element when developing our own identity. Moreover, families can be messy, and sometimes the best we can do is to remind each other that we are related and that we have the same blood.

CinemaAttic has gathered five award winning short films exploring this topic for our September programme at CCA. To offer a plural viewpoint, we will move from children’s perspective to youth and the elderly. Social and political concerns, death, mental health and LGBT issues… Different perspectives of a topic that will help us understand why the love of our family can be so unique -and why it deeply influence our ongoing lives-.

Celebrating the diversity of Spanish filmmaking industry we bring key short films from ECAM (Madrid) ESCAC (Barcelona) and KIMUAK (Basque Country). Nicaragua is our guest country with a short documentary taking us to the landfills in Managua. Our clásico this month casts back to 2009 bringing a human perspective on how to deal with a family member that suffers from schizophrenia.

You should know already the formula but if not, we take this opportunity to remind you what CinemaAttic means = A powerful curated selection of short films, all with English subtitles, as well as networking breaks for the enjoyment of both the Ibero-American community and cinema lovers alike.

Now pencil down folks this is important,

Friday 9 Spetember
7.30pm doors open 7pm
Centre for Contemporary Arts, CCA Glasgow, 
350 Sauchiehall Street
£5 (£4 students) + £1 booking fee

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