#KimuakGlasgow: Best Sprouts from Basque Country

Basque films take over Glasgow. For the very first time, Cinemaattic delivers ‘Kimuak’ short-film selection to Glasgow.

Every spring, Basque leader distribution platform KIMUAK selects the best from Basque short film scene to create an annual DVD with the most talented, original and qualified proposals produced within Basque Country. With the support of the Basque Government’s Department of Culture and the Basque Film Archive, the selection criteria bespeaks of an industry that looks after its cinema which is ultimately reflected on the screen.

KIMUAK means ‘sprout’ in Basque.
As for this year’s selection, we find cutting edge productions going far beyond Basque badlands and cottages as we will be taken from the darkness of Reykjavik streets to a revenge story in New York. A political-provocative animated story in which world leaders such Angela Merkel, Barack Obama, Mariano Rajoy or Vladimir Putin share food for thought in an eerie hell’s kitchen. What would you do after discovering your woman has betrayed you? Activist and blogger Mark Figueroa has coordinated a campaign to have sex with every single cheated woman in New York.


Thanks to our collaboration in recent years both with KIMUAK and Basque Filmotheque, we have gathered the new buds that have germinated since 2011 as to take them every year to Scotland. A unique overview of what is happening in one of the most prolific and well-cared cinema in Spain these days.

And rather than concentrating on Spain as a whole, whether that is possible or not at all, why not opening up a window to diversity by looking at peripheral cinemas ? Celebrate the talent of basque cinema industry with us.

Can peripheral be actually superlative? Indeed it can, come and see.

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