Jordi’s Letters (Las Letras de Jordi)

As part of this year’s CinemaAttic edition of MUJERES, its annual short film season showcasing films by women filmmakers in Spain, Portugal, and Latin America, we are delighted to bring on of the most original, quirky, incongruous and insanely realistic films produced in Spain in a very long time.

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? Where: GFT (12 Rose St, Glasgow G3 6RB)
? When: Thursday 31 March, screening starts at 18:30
? Safety regulations apply

  • Film title: Jordi’s Letters
  • Title in original language: Las Letras de Jordi
  • Director: Maider Fernandez Iriarte
  • Country(ies) of production: Spain
  • Year: 2019
  • Running time: 70 minutes
  • Language(s): Spanish
  • Subtitles: English

Synopsis: Jordi was born 51 years ago with cerebral palsy. Despite not being able to speak, he tries to express himself through his cardboard letter board. This is how he tells Maider, the director of this film, that at the age of 21 God spoke to him, but that he no longer does. In one of their meetings he asks her to accompany him to the Sanctuary of Lourdes, where he hopes to meet God again. An opportunity for Maider who wants to know what it is to live believing in the intangible and for Jordi who wants to have the opportunity to chat with someone and have a new friendship.

Notes from the programmer: The opera prima of Maider Fernández Iriarte reflects on the loss of faith and the power of friendship to replace it. It is a spiritual journey where the main character of the film and its director find a common space of comfort. They arrive at this place driven by different needs, while Jordi seeks the chance to talk with a new person, Maider is driven by curiosity. It is there where their conversations start revealing Jordi’s beliefs, interests and situation.

Using an apparent primitive alphanumeric device, with Maider’s (the film director)  presence as an honesty instrument placed between the subject and the camera to guide and amplify the gaze of the viewer, and at the same time the will of Jordi to tell his story, we are exposed to a new suggested spirituality coming from the comfort of oneself. The satisfaction of having spent the time listening is rewarded with a beautiful human story that will not fail to move anyone.


  • Göteborg Film Festival 2020 ( Sección Visionaries)
  • San Sebastian Film Festival 2019 (Sección Ikusmira Berriak)
  • Festival Internacional del Cine de Mar de Plata 2019 (Nuevos Directores)
  • L’Alternativa 2019 (Sección Oficial)
Jordi's letters
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