It’s shite being Spanish – Xmas Special

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Beyond the direct reference to Trainspotting we will use our final program this year to do a healthy exercise of self criticism. Both naming and shaming docs and jet black humour to analyse Spanish psyche.

Ha sido un año cojonudo (It’s been a cracking year) And we feel like having a last dance with you. Come and say bye to Cinemaattic. We’ve been sourcing Scottish screens with Independent Spanish Cinema for the last twelve months, and this is our last event of the year.

The programme is a first class combination of Fiction, Animation and Documentary, touching on gender bias, youth, growing with disabilities, mental health and the power of memory.

We have prepared a rollercosting cocktail of Dark Animation, Political Documentary, Archive Film and a miniature surrealist portrait of epic dimensions taking place in a sunny Spanish beach. Yes fellas, It’s shite being Spanish!

Jet-black humour, fascinating tales of a refugee camp in Sahara, kids, plenty of kids and the damn crisis again.

YES there will be yet another attempt of Rafa and Alberto trying to deliver a coherent speech, YES there will be an open bar again with Estrella Galicia(hell yeah!) and YES we are keeping some surprises for this special night…

Just like you. We are already fed up of Christmas. And It’s not even December 1. Yet we have a million of reasons to celebrate the end of a brilliant year. We brought you more artists and filmmakers, our proposal of punk rebellion and independent films was more welcomed than ever, with more than 2,000 attendees. Folks, this is more than double any other Cinemaattic year. So come and celebrate!

So AYE, we feel like celebrating.

Heaters are ON from 5pm to feel like in Marbella
Doors open 7.30pm
Show starts 8pm

For the last time in 2017… Let’s rock!


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