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Once again Cinemaattic brings the air, spirit and fears of a distant Island to Scotland.

Cuba is on the verge of drastic change, or so we may want to think, but how do Cubans receive this change and how do they reflect on the past, their old ambitions and what they have achieved? What can really change and which things are not really that easy to shift?

As in last year we will use the best of this years EICTV production to dissect a society, their fears and hopes in a way that only films can do.

Our focus on Cuba aims to introduce our audience to prominent and emerging international filmmakers by showcasing their latest short films. What they have in common is the teachings of that school in San Antonio de Baños. The way they have been taught to look at reality and how they transform it so we, the spectators, can feel it as real at the other end of the world.

Come and enjoy Cuba for real, without sunny beaches, tourist, salsa bands (just a bit of maestro Silvio Rodriguez) or any other cliché which only distorts the real message about their people and the experience of being a Cuban and spend your live in Cuba. We know this might not be a full picture of Cuban’s society but for definite is a true portrait of a real segment from it. We are focusing on those who stay put on our first half of the evening with 3 short films that look at the journey of different Cubans in their live from the revolution days to the visit of an American president to the Island. They talk about their feelings about the revolution and their live in the island through all those historic events and why they would be worried to lose what has been achieved..

The second half will be a more intimate journey to look into those spiritual strands of the social DNA unaffected by sudden changes of history. What makes the Cuban character today started hundreds (1000s?) of years ago and there are things that do not like sudden changes or any change at all.

In a away, this evening will showcase the new resistance, that aiming to prevent the sudden commercialisation of the island and the lost of the values that have informed several generations of Cubans lives.

So now even louder than ever VIVA LA REVOLUCION!!

Aside from the films there will be a bar, music and some nibbles to entertain the stomachs of those coming straight from work.

All films come in Spanish with English translations.

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