CinemaAttic: The Great Escape (I just want to get away)

Spanish & Latin- American Short-film nights. A powerful curated selection of short films all with English subtitles with networking breaks for the enjoyment of both the Ibero-American community and the cinema lovers alike.

Every CinemaAttic Night has to be different from the previous one. To this mantra, if last month we wanted you to dive deep inside your own self with a bunch of minimalist stories the aim of our March program is quite the opposite: Break away.

Whether you are the mayor of Benidorm in the fifties, a Croat migrant escaping from your war torn hometown or you just robbed a bank there’s something pushing you to run. No matter how big are the obstacles you’ll keep runnin’. All our cinemaattic characters are trying to get away this month. Just like you. Some of these castaways may get into extreme sports, call a meeting with General Francisco Franco, arrange a marriage of convenience or simply retire to their dwelling place.

Friday 18 March 8pm Summerhall,
Red Lecture Theatre, Edinburgh, EH9 1PL