A great cinemaattic year required from us a special last party before the summer break. So here it is, a celebration of all Peruvian things!

Food from Peru , traditional Peruvian dance and one of our favourite Latin contemporary films, (The Mute – Daniel and Diego Vega). This is the last Cinemaattic of the season, this is Cinemaattic Peru


The number of chairs is limited but we will still welcome latecomers and people without prepaid tickets to join the party.

PERUVIAN CINEMA | EL MUDO (THE MUTE) – This offbeat take on judicial corruption from Peru’s Vega brothers follows their Cannes award winner “October” and stars Fernando Bacilio in a role which won him best actor at Locarno Film Festival.

Corruption in Peru, and by extension corruption everywhere, comes under the microscope in the quirky The Mute, a quiet moral fable with mildly thrillerish overtones about a vengeful magistrate forced into realigning his worldview after losing his voice.

Built around a consummately restrained central performance by Fernando Bacilio, it’s a study of moral and judicial failure that’s both intriguing in its worldview and strained in its willful oddities, but there’s enough that’s appealingly distinctive in Daniel and Diego Vega’s directorial style to ensure that much of this lingers in the mind. (The Hollywood Reporter)


FOOD FROM PERU – Peruvian cuisine, considered among the best in the world, inherited its innovation, mix and flavours from Peru’s history. Its culinary fusion developed over a long process of cultural exchange between the Spanish, Africans, Chinese, Japanese and Italians, among others.

It is more than hypest ceviche and avocado toast and we will offer traditional culinary samples from one of the most exciting gastronomies in the world. See below some of the dishes that would be available at the bar

?? Aji de gallina (Spicy and creamy chicken stew, made with shredded chicken, cheese and aji amarillo (hot Peruvian chilli)

?? Causa rellena (Mashed potato, ground aji amarillo and lemon juice terrine, stuffed with chicken)

?? Empanadas de Aji y vegetariana (Peruvian chilli and veggie empanadas)

?? Papa a la Huancaina (Sliced potatoes drenched in a thick cream of queso fresco (young, mild cheese), aji amarillo, garlic, evaporated milk and lime juice)

?? and…Alfajores (Soft, delicate cookies filled with dulce de leche)

?? Chocotejas (Truffles made of pecans or prunes, covered with dulce de leche and chocolate fondant)


PERUVIAN FOLK TRADITIONAL DANCE – There will be a show with typical Peruvian folk dancing and Cusco traditional dresses. Huayno (Wayñu in Quechua) is a genre of popular Andean music and dance originally from the Andes highlands. Dating from pre-Colombian times, huayno blended early with Western influences and spread into dozens of regional variations. Huayno is danced in couples, though little physical contact is made. The dance culminates with an energetic tap dance to mark time.

Pencil Doon folks!

Doors open 7.30pm, Show starts 8pm

Friday 15 June at Old St Paul’s Hall, Edinburgh




This event is proudly supported by the Consulate-General of Peru in London


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