CinemaAttic London presents ‘All my loving’


Hey folks,

Yes, we know, we´ve been missed for a while. There were changes in the team and the venue at the end of 2018 so we need some time to re balance our forces.

But here we go, CinemaAttic takes London again! We come back in February and we are happy to present a seriously great selection of shorts. February belongs to lovers and in CinemaAttic we are very keen digging in human relationships, specially those orbiting around love.

‘All my loving’ will focus not just in couples but in family. Parents and sons will be forever linked, no matter how deep a wound is. Love is seeking for the happiness of your love ones even in that means to lose them in the way.

Nely Reguera’s ‘Pablo’, a drama of a family that tries to return to normality after one of its members loose his path.

‘Ahora, no’, directed by Elia Ballesteros and Kate Campbell, dig in a raw true. These are the first years for the democratic Spain, and there are so many open wounds. One of it, this one. A sweet and bitter story not to be missed.

Romantic love shows us that the most important day of your life is the day of your wedding. In ‘La madrina’, directed by Pedro Sancho, the maid of honor not just pick the flowers. She handles a hard situation with loads of cold blood and irony.

Toni Bestard has been nominated to best short film in the Goya awards with two of his short films. ‘Background’, the short we will present is about Ruben, an anodyne guy attracted by the unusual beauty of Alba, an enigmatic woman. Both live in a peculiar universe, with established norms. Ruben must break some of these rules to get Alba’s attention. Oh, love…

Simplicity and humility are two of the main traits in this short from Hugo de la Riva. ‘Tarde de pesca’ belongs to those who knows that keep in simple is a max in life.

And last but not least, we will present ‘Ringo’. When Irene’s grandmother María is diagnosed with dementia, she refuses to believe the doctor and begins to wonder if the spirit of Ringo Starr has possessed her instead.

You are all invited to witness this beautiful rollercoaster of emotions, on Friday 15th February. We will celebrate love and life with a bunch of good shorts, because time is relative and good stories don’t need a lot of time to be told.