Cinemaattic | Focus on SITGES – Festival Internacional de Cinema Fantàstic

18th January CCA Glasgow – Tickets here

18th January Old St Paul’s Edinburgh – Tickets here

Sitges Film Festival comes to Glasgow and Edinburgh! 

Following on the successful screening in London, Cinemaattic presents a special night of modern genre film in collaboration with Sitges Film Festival.

We’re back! 2019 starts with a truly special focus on genre and fantastic cinema. If we are to talk about this type of cinema, -we thought- let’s call someone truly knowledgeable on the various plural paths of fantastic cinema…let’s call the number one! – and they said Aye!-

The Sitges Film Festival (Festival Internacional de Cinema Fantàstic de Catalunya) is a Catalan film festival and one of the world’s foremost international festivals specializing in fantasy and horror films.

We are incredibly proud to invite Sitges Film Festival to curate a programme of short-films for our 2019 return!

Born in 1968 as the 1st International Week of Fantasy and Horror Movies, today the Festival is an essential rendezvous for movie lovers and audiences eager to come into contact with new tendencies and technologies applied to film and the audiovisual world. Setting the basis for a wider future collaboration, the festival arrives in Scotland for a wee taster of its most alternative and underground strand. Do not miss this unique chance to catch Sitges Film Fest in Edinburgh and Glasow!

Pencil doon folks:

EDINBURGH | Friday 18th January | Old St Paul’s Edinburgh |  Tickets here

GLASGOW | Friday 18th January | CCA Glasgow | Tickets here

Bit more about the films?

ESCARABANA, de Sara Casasnovas | Hunger, mist, escape. A couple trapped in eternity. An endless journey to nature itself, driving Cadillacs and escaping the sun.

REWIND, Rubén Pérez-Barrena | While everyone’s celebrating Halloween, Elizabeth arrives at the faculty prepared to study.

Z-FEST, David Cordero | Unaware of the zombie mayhem unleashed outside their tent, Pablo has a massive hangover and Ruth keeps a secret.

BYE BYE BABY, Pablo S. Pastor | A young woman prepares to spend a quiet night at home accompanied only by a movie. Following a call from a friend, everything seems to go wrong.

RIP, Caye Casas & Albert Pintó | In a godforsaken village, a woman prepares her husband’s funeral. Everything has to go perfectly, because for her it’s very important to look good with the guests.

CUERNO DE HUESO, Adrián López | After taking a brutal beating in the middle of the woods, Rober runs into a lone girl who agrees to lead him to the highway.

Cinemaattic’s back! See you at the movies !

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