CARMEN & LOLA | Alternative Valentine’s Special Screening | Glasgow and Edinburgh

★ THURSDAY | 14th FEB | Glasgow | CCA | Tickets here

★ FRIDAY | 15th FEB | Edinburgh | NEW VENUE – Lauriston Hall | Tickets here


The perfect Alternative Valentine’s plan for those who believe in a wider idea of love.

Come and share the love for film next 14th February! Cinemaattic bring CARMEN & LOLA, one of the hottest films in Spain just now.

With 8 nominations to the Goya Awards (Spanish BAFTAs), after been acclaimed in Cannes, Palm Springs, Quebec or BFI’s London Film Festival here’s a very rare opportunity to come and see the Scottish premiere of CARMEN & LOLA by Arantxa Echevarria.

A love story between two young gypsy women in an environment where homosexuality is taboo.

A profoundly honest first feature work by Arantxa Echevarria with amateur actors to discover the codes and culture of gitanos in Spain, but above all a beautiful tale to remind us what love is really about.

We are thrilled to present the Special screening of CARMEN & LOLA in Scotland. Part of LGBT History Month Scotland, presented in collaboration with Femspectives and LGBT Youth Scotland

“…with rapidly decreasing levels of sincerity in Spain, Echevarría flings open the final closet that needs airing out in the country by broaching the subject of lesbianism in the Gypsy community. This is a culture – with a strict and unwavering faith in God – that under no circumstances accepts homosexuality, let alone female homosexuality (which is considered an illness or something akin to a demonic possession), as according to its traditions, a woman must marry very young, have children and wait upon her man until death do they part. It’s basically an extreme form of machismo.” (Cineuropa)

Arantxa’s ever-respectful gaze meanders through flea markets, dwellings and neighbourhoods on the outskirts of Madrid with the immediacy and vivacity provided by a handheld camera, truthfully portraying this world without ever falling into the trap of merely depicting local customs and manners, nor presenting folkloric picture postcards


Carmen lives in a gypsy community in the suburbs of Madrid. Like every other woman she has ever met, she is destined to live a life that is repeated generation after generation: getting married and raising as many children as possible. But one day she meets Lola, an uncommon gypsy who dreams about going to university, draws bird graffiti and likes girls. Carmen quickly develops a complicity with Lola and they discover a world that, inevitably, leads them to be rejected by their families.

Directed by Arantxa Echevarria

Spain, 2018

★ THURSDAY | 14th FEB | Glasgow | CCA | Tickets here

★ FRIDAY | 15th FEB | Edinburgh | NEW VENUE – Lauriston Hall | Tickets here


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