CinemaAttic October Showcase

You can call this October the Spanish Cultural Explosion Month. Wherever you look in the city you will find great Spanish films in theatres and Top bands coming to visit us to the Auld Reekie this autumn and one thing is for sure, we all win with this explosion of our Arts&Culture around us.

And course Cinemaattic couldn’t miss this fantastic line up of events, we keep hitting Edinburgh with your favourite Short-film nights all year round to show our commitment with independent films. Films we understand should have presence in this land and Summerhall is simply the best place in town for it, providing a year round multidisciplinary avant-garde programme that has room for film, and we are proud to take part in the cultural mission of Scotland’s most vibrant arts venue.

To continue the purpose of inspiring and attracting diverse audiences to our unique cinemaattic experiences we strike again the Red Lectue Theatre at Summerhall with our Spanish and Latin-American Short-film Showcases. Fall keeps coming, and Cinemaattic nights are the warmest shelter for Edinburgh chilly nights.

We trust blindly and feel in duty to enhance the Short-film experience throughout the year. You know the magic formula right? Pioneer independent short-films, some Estrella Damm beers waiting in the fridges for you and our globally famous chit-chat networking,

Films aye but definitely in a different way.

Pencil down then:
This Friday Cinemaattic October Showcase

Friday 17th of October

Summerhall Edinburgh

Doors open at 7:30pm

Show starts at 8pm

For the fair and usual price of a Fiver

See you there!

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