AUGUST FESTIVAL: Spanish Animation tribute to NORMAN MCLAREN

Here we will introduce you our THIRD of the THREE themes CinemaAttic stores for you this August

8th and 22th August will see our participation in McLaren 2014 (An official Culture 2014 event and part of the year of Homecoming Scotland 2014 celebrations.

A unique journey through some of the best animation short films by Spanish and Latin-American filmmakers deeply influenced by the work of Norman McLaren.

The former with a selection curated by our friends of Marvin&Wayne and the latter with a very special selection from our database of artists. Both will uniquely depict the traces of Norman McLaren in nowadays Spanish & Latin-American animation. A tribute of our own, a hub of movement, creativity and pioneer magic cinema.

Rooted in the ground of the Stirling-born animator, and continuing with our purpose of piecing together the most talented proposals from Spanish cinema with overseas cultures, this initiative seeks to open an innovative and exciting insight into the animation domain.

Selected carefully all these short masterpieces have been related to the Stirling-born genius. Spanish masterpieces such as The world’s noise, Canis or Zumbakamera, this showcase represents a unique opportunity to see whether or not McLaren’s thoroughness and expertise may have found a print of his legacy. An overlook at today’s Spanish animation could uncover converging identities.

If you choose to go for cinema this August, choose CinemaAttic.

Pencil down folks for the Animation sessions, only two dates!

8th and 22th August at Sumerhall (1Summerhall Place, EH9, 1QH)

Venue: Red Lecture Theatre

Show starts at 10.30pm

Entry 6 pounds

See you there!

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