AUGUST FESTIVAL: Madrid en Corto-ECAM- 10th Anniversary

Hey cinemaatticos,
We want to introduce you the FIRST of our THREE themes for our August festival programme.

1st, 7th and 21st August at Summerhall

There will be three Different and complementary blocks of films from Madrid en Corto’s database. Outstanding as they are, you will have the chance to watch the latest film to represent Spain in the Academy Awards and much, much more.

Madrid en Corto (working alongside School of Cinematography Madrid -ECAM-) celebrates this year its 10th anniversary.

ECAM is the film making school of the capital of cinema Madrid, the most important of the whole of Spain for some, and it is by all means pure talent. Not by chance, its panel of lecturers is trained by cinema referents of the like of Enrique Urbizu –filmmaking-, Jose Luis Escolar –production-, Pablo Remón –script writing-, Felix Murcia –artistic direction- or Ricardo Steinberg –sound-. In collaboration with ECAM we will present a unique selection of short films exclusively for FESTIVAL ’14

In the shelter of our preparations for the August festival vibe we cannot feel but honourably excited. After all, this will be the platform’s 1st participation in the programme of activities that is about to turn the summery Edinburgh into a firmament of arts & happenings. Besides, the fact of a usual line-up of events with so much music & theatre and just enough cinema triggers our excitement. The challenge is on, and we are ready.

Little doubt our 9 film nights throughout August will rocket the toughest expectations. In the last few weeks we have worked hard to bring you the following, to make Cinema (with capital “C”) a personal issue, a touchable reality likely to influence the destiny of people.

Choose yours. If you choose to go for cinema this August, choose CinemaAttic.

We hit back!

Pencil down folks!

1st, 7th and 21st August at Sumerhall (1Summerhall Place, EH9, 1QH)

Venue: Red Lecture Theatre

Show starts at 10.30pm

Entry 6 pounds

See you there!

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