Eugenie Theuer

Born in Austria but raised by a mother from the deep south of Spain, Eugenie (she/her) would describe herself as Viennese con un toque granaíno. In her curatorial practice, she is particularly passionate about advocating and showcasing the filmic work of women and gender minorities.

She is currently completing her MSc in Film Curation at the University of Glasgow. As part of her studies there, she has curated a short film cycle on Screening Decolonisation for the International Screen Studies Conference and joined the viewing committee for the short film competition of the Africa in Motion Film Festival.

Ever exploring and always looking for opportunities to learn and share knowledge about film, Eugenie has also been affiliated with the University of Vienna, the Universitat de Barcelona, and King’s College London. In her research and teaching, she has focused on contemporary cinema, self-reflexive cinema, Hollywood history, and the representation of women on and behind the screen.

Eugenie joined the CinemaAttic team in September 2021. Having grown up with the films of Carlos Saura, Pedro Almodóvar, Julio Medem, and Icíar Bollaín, she is excited about bringing Spanish-language films to communities across Scotland.