Cinemaattic November!

This Friday the 14th we will be back at Summerhall with a powerful selection of Latin-American and Spanish short films, love stories, fiction, political&social concerns and also funny bright short-movies, all meets once a month in these short-film nights.

This month we’re searching for the eternal existence of winners and losers, outsiders and insiders in the world, we store different short-films to outline the contrast between existing rules, established realm and rebels both groups or individuals standing against the machine. The eternal story of winners and losers in today’s society.

CinemaAttic develops a whole year round programme aiming at raising the profile of Spanish and Latin-American productions in Scotland, Ireland and UK. All films with English subtitles

These Cinemaattic nights are the perfect way to see cinema in a different way, pioneer independent short films accompanied with refreshments, with their famous chit-chat discussion breaks.

The right way to start your weekend!

Pencil down:

Friday 14th of November

Summerhall Edinburgh

Doors open at 7:30pm

Show starts at 8pm

For the fair and usual price of a Fiver

See you there!

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