CinemaAttic November Creatures -Leith Sessions-

Cinemaattic Creatures! We bring our November show down to Leith!

We keep taking cinema out of cinemas. We take our Short-film nights back to the Walk.

Because some of you couldn’t make it last time at Summerhall and we received quite positive feedback, because Leith deserve these neighbourhood film sessions, well it’s time to hit back Leith.
Second edition of our Novemeber Short-Film Showcase.

This month we’re searching for the eternal existence of winners and losers, outsiders and insiders in the world, we store different short-films to outline the contrast between existing rules, established realm and rebels both groups or individuals standing against the machine. The eternal story of winners and losers in today’s society.

We trust blindly and feel in duty to enhance the short-film experience throughout the year. You know the magic formula right? Pioneer independent short-films, beers waiting in the fridges for you and our globally famous chit-chat networking,

Films aye but definitely in a different way.

Leith inhabitants and other creatures please make your way to our cinemaattic niche in Leith: the Woodland Creatures!

Doors open at 7:30pm

Show starts at 8pm

For the fair and usual price of a Fiver

See you there!

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