Here the SECOND and very special of our THREE themes for our August festival programme.

4th,11th,18th, and 25th August at Woodland Creatures

Special why?

1.Best of Basque short-filmmaking!

2.A different venue, our headquarters on the Walk, the Woodland Creatures.

3.Every Monday during August at 8pm

Kimuak means “sprouts” in Basque: they gather the new buds that germinate in the Basque short filmmaking every spring, so as to take them to every corner of the world.
KIMUAK is basically the institution working for and with the Basque Government Department of Culture and a reference for well-doing in terms of preserving, producing, promoting Culture. Peripheral culture, folks, we are sorry, is not what we are talking about here.

So do not let yourself be influenced by labels though: produced within the Basque Country, the films gathered every year by KIMUAK bespeak of creativity, transnationality and unique film networking. This is to say films produced by Basque filmmakers in locations as rich and diverse as Krakow, San Francisco or Santiago in Chile, when not with involvements of key platforms like ESCAC (the superb school of cinematography of Catalonia) or figures of the like of Xabier Erkizia.

This 2013 selection, on top of it, comes with treasures of animation, a Goya 2014 winner for short documentary or the latest (and crazily original) fiction achievement of Borja Cobeaga. So, once more a good selection of films, variety, exclusivity, traces of quality petit Cinema (with capital letter).

Thus, 4th,11th,18th, and 25th August at Woodland Creatures in Leith we will offer you four opportunities to catch up with all those treasures, best sprouts of KIMUAK, because Leith deserve to have a Monday Film Night like this and the Woodlands is the perfect spot in the middle of the Walk.

Make your way in, we hit back Leith!

Pencil down folks!

4th,11th,18th, and 25th at Woodland Creatures, Leith

260-262 Leith Walk, Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh EH6 5EL

Show starts at 8pm

Entry 6 pounds

See you there!

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